What's a good cumputer build for Blender?

Hi, I am trying to get a computer for Blender. I Don’t want to spend more than $600. I need advice on what makes a good computer for Blender. Can I settle for a slower processor and spend my money on a killer GPU, or should I get a low end GPU and a really nice processor? Which would benefit me the most?
Also, anybody have any idea about wether I should use intel or AMD. I know AMD gets a lot more speed for the dollar but a lot of people tell me AMDs are cheaply made an will burn up.
Which way do I go? Please help.

GPU mode have limits based on onboard GPU adapter RAM size. In short, some scenes cannot be rendered at all on GPU, so CPU is more robust. But, if you absolutely sure that scene will be small, you can go GPU way and get 8X or even more speedup.

MDs are cheaply made an will burn up

Known 10 year old joke, AMD is ok and safe.

Just FYI, GPU work only in Cycles final/perview renderer. All other things are CPU only, so if you need smoke simulation, complex modelling, etc you need very good CPU.

I would love to see the setups of people like Andrew Price, and some of the tutorial makers at BlenderCookie.

I KNOW they all work right…

Andrew price actually has a post on his website about building a good blender computer and at the bottom of the post he has is pc specs.


thanks for the link

Two years ago I spent $600 and my instructor helped me get the parts and built it for me. 4 gigs of ram with a 2.33GHz intel processor and 1 Gig nVidia graphics card. The card got so hot it would warp screen colors in the summer, so I added a fan to the pci slot under the card. That thing is still a beast and runs anything I throw at it.

Here, if you want windows to be half as good as Linux claims to be.

I just want to blend on my desktop all night long, and sometimes I do.

IMO where GPUs are concerned, go for nVidia GTX 6xx or higher, preferably 2 GB RAM…(although I have an older nVidia Geforce GT 640 with 2GB DDR3 RAM, and It works fine, and fast, for most scenes)… also look at the ddr version. 2GB GDDR5 is better than 2GB DDR3 for example.
EDIT: AMD/ATI GPUs probably also wok fine, but I’d go for nVidia (With support for CUDA or OpenCL) if I were you.

CPU: Strongest you gan get. preferably dual cores or more.

RAM: 4GB or more

Hey guys, thanks for all your help. I’d like to share what I got.
AMD 8 core FX processor with 4.0 Ghz core clock.
ASUS AMD Motherboard
16 GBytes of ram
4Gig ZOTAC NVIDEA graphics card, 96 cores. Two DVI ports (something I really wanted!)
1TB hdd
Altogether, I think I’ll be pretty happy about it.