What's a good way to model this egg-shaped bed?

The “lomme bed.” How would you model this?

Edge-flows for the outside part in the pic says it’s a toroid, just a fancy one. How to get to that particular toroid?

I could think of starting with a toroid and doing proportional edits followed by sculpt tool. Another way is with bezier paths using another bezier as the bevel object. And one more alternate way would be using the bSurfaces add-on.

Inside stuff? Subdiv’d cubes or cylinders. Then you mash it up with lattice or softbody modifier, and perhaps follow with sculpt.

Regardless, each method has it’s pluses and minuses. Might have to try a bit of each to figure which workflow would be best.

A toroid, of course! Thank you, this was most helpful.

i generally hate doing stuff for people… you are asking how to do something and you got the solution in front of you, use it as a reference and use the tools blender offers you and model it. if you cant figure out how, then do something easier. ur basically asking “how do i make a game” witch is such a dumb question.


wierd_bed.blend (761 KB)

Perhaps he’s new to 3d modeling and has no idea where to begin, especially since this is his first post here. You shouldn’t expect the 3d creation process to come instantly to everyone the second they open Blender. Telling people to get good or get out won’t help anybody. We’ve all been new and starting out to this once before.

no but if ur new then you should not start with something this complex, a house to start off maybe?

^I don’t see how making an entire house is supposed to be easier than making a single bed.

making a house is not hard at all, that bed is a lot more difficult.

Could start like every other model, with references and understanding the forms.

But have to stop and laugh at some of these ridiculous pictures because that bed is put in different environments, and many of those don’t make any sense, such as this one

a bed in the middle of the road. If that is just after a slope, the woman gets run over by a Prius.

Anyway. It’s a difficult form but looking at the pictures, looks like the designer was lazy and just duplicated the form and used that to cut the openings. Could test that theory quite easily

and by the looks of it, it’s not far off.

Could adjust it if there are dimensions available somewhere, and maybe use camera calibration toolkit (BLAM) or similar to get a better approximation of the shell and then adjust the cut size/orientation to match a photo, if a usable photo can be found.

Once the mockup model has right forms, could refine the structure for that form either by building another one on top of the existing one, or refine what there already is.