What's a.....

What’s a low polly count? I’ve seen it mentioned all over the 3d world.

It’s not a parrot that can’t count past 3 is it?

Any help appreciated,

thanks Sonix.

Are you drunk?

uhh, you ought to have been here long enough to know

a “low poly count” is a low number of polygons [quads and triangles, usually I try to count triangles] on a mesh

the actual threshold for “low poly” keeps going up… I think it’s at about 6 or 7, maybe 8 thousand polygons for a character [current PC titles and coming console titles].

I was under the impression that it was a lack of parrots. Like a low sperm count.

A basic model of Dracula.

It’s a survey of the number of short parrots.

Hmmm. Sonix should know this by now. If you don’t I’m sorry.

A “low poly count” is this:

A poly is a face, three or four vertices connected to one another. A low poly model is one that is designed for real time use, like in a game so it renders faster (fast enough for at least 60 FPS) than one with several hundred thousand polys…


Heh, this was a joke, but it didn’t really work. I need to work on my sense of humour. :smiley:

Lol at the answers from Whiteboy, Jeeves, Osxrules, Rhysy 2, I’m glad you got it. :smiley:

Fav though by far from z3r0 d “uhh, you ought to have been here long enough to know” pmsl I know. :smiley:


Hmm, I thought it was fairly obviously a joke… 3D genius posting noobie question with clear mispelling of poly… spelling “appreciated” correctly but not “poly” is rather unlikely, unless deliberate. :wink: And in the wrong forum for a true graphics question anyway ! :stuck_out_tongue:


excellent to see this relevant topic back in the land of the living

Now then, I am quite positive that a low polly count is a sign of global warming. Or was it global cooling. Errr. Or is it something to do with vitamins perhaps or lack of sunshine or something like that.

LOL! , Nerd joke :smiley:

A low ply count is what you get when a pet shop owner gose on holiday and forgets to tell some one .

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To all of you that didn’t get it: I shake my head in shame at you :wink: