Whats all that???

Sebastian wrote (in another thread):

What’s all that???

My guess is that its Bahasa Indonesia which (I think) means the “language of Indonesia”.

Because Indonesia spans a massive archipeligo and its population is in the region of 200 million people, bahasa Indonesia serves as a unifying language for the peoples that live there. It is very similar to bahasa Malaysia. It’s quite easy to pick up the basics of the language but as with any language, it takes time to get beyond the basics.

The best I can manage is:
“Kami jalan gunung Merapi”

…which means “we are walking up Merapi mountain”. (gunung Merapi is a volcano and its a great place for parties on the weekend!)

I don’t know what the content of the article was, cause its a while since I tried to learn the language, but I hope this helps Sebastian

PS it might have been spam [!]

It weren’t me who asked…
I were just checking the limit in phpbb(It were many articles…). I tried to stay ontopic in the bwaarg thread, I noticed that someone before tested the qoute limit there. But yes you could consider it spam…
And I like that language It’s perfect for filling up space(like lorem ipsus…). But I can’t speak a word in it…
I hope that I did not offend anyone.