what's better gimp or adobe photoshop?

i already have adobe photoshop but i am wondering wich has better features and wich is user friendly

I use them both. I wouldn’t want to give either of them up. Similar, yet they are totally different programs. So I suggest getting GIMP in addition to Photoshop. Also get PIXIA, another freeware.

pixia what’s that?

cinepaint http://cinepaint.sourceforge.net (ex-film-gimp) was nicely adopted in film world.

I use gimp and fireworks. Liked and used also corel photopaint, but never got along with adobe’s apps.

gimp’s perspective(corrective mode) tool is a quickie if you have to cut-up your own textures from photos.

here’s a link to pixia,…it may look cheesy at first glance, but it is powerful software. alot of people in this forum use it. It does take some getting used to however.

depends on what you need the software for. GIMP is useless for print, since it doesn’t support CMYK. apart from that, it seems somehow sloppy in terms of speed… but i have to admit, i never gave it an in-depth try.

I prefer Photoshop, but that’s also as I have been using it at jobs since many years.

There are advanatges in Gimp. Custom Key binding . Though I usually let the ones there are as they had the nice detail of use many of the adobe’s shortcuts.

I think is good.

I just don’t get used to the multiple windows (and too big ones) UI, I suppoes too used to adobe and Windows…
As in 15" monitors I often have to use 800x600 is th ebest deal…even in some 17", as I like to have minimum of 85Hz in screen… preferrably 100Hz, like in thi sone…

Gimp has a great advanatge, that still is, but in separate plugin package I think…animation -layers is more seamles than Adobe/Image ready, as u actually dont jump to other package and don’t go then to a less featured one…

It has cool tools like map maker for webs , nice palette usage for indexed graphics…

Loads of cute filters at same cost (0$)

I dunno. If I ever get used to it (but used quite already) and feel as in adobe…

I’d say in several things is less powerful than Adobe. For example in layers effects, etc.

But I compare to Blender. Is like bellow th every top one, but there seem the rest of the packages are equal or bellow it.

Which is A LOT for a free package done by a comunity effort.

for textures and working out ideas, making sketches and concept art

for making textures, and really for most 3D purposes, I would say GIMP is best. for line drawing, and general drawing/sketching, pixia is by far and away the best, whether you use a mouse or a tablet.
<edit> btw, GIMP does not support tablets. :frowning:
here’s a little thing I whipped up with GIMP (and Blender) yesterday.

modron strikes back :stuck_out_tongue:

say those gears and whatnot in backround were brushed, no?

yes, they are made with 3 image pipes i made using gimp and blender, and just a few hours ago I left a zip of them in FinishedProjects. the thread was called ‘I don’t know what it is but it’s cool’, or something along those lines. :stuck_out_tongue:

“edit> btw, GIMP does not support tablets.”

Euh…I thought that was only with Windows…I stopped using a multiboot thing in my pc (mandrake and Windows) just for th etime the wacom support in Linux started to be really good, not anymore editing text files for it…

I mean, for those times (Mandrake 7.2) I worked at a company and then I did all 2d stuff in their adobe’s, so had not much interest on setting up the wacom at home…

But I’m told latest Mandrakes make it a breeze…And thought in linux Gimp does support it well, indeed, that I read in latest 2.02 had even improves on tablet support…

Dunno, though the crazy bugs of wacom (in windows I have to load with --ignore-wintab bat file or something like that) specially when picking tools in the tool bar , as well as real pressure sensivity, where not existing in Linux version…A pitty.

Hmm…you talk about Pixia…maybe you’re really using only Windows.

What i don’t like bout Pixia is when I undo there’s a hardly noticeable screen flash…but as I undo all the time as when I draw in paper, I get it not comfortable…I found an old beta which was free of Open canvas, and, besides I prefer its UI way more, I find even better its stroke, while Pixia’s is already very good…But heck, findidng this open canvas one even better than Painter (lucky to use in certain company) …which had the 1st price till now on that…

adobe ha a good response of stroke…just it can’t beat Open canvas in that area. imho.

I downloaded Gimp 2.0.2 …wanna force my self to get used to it, as I think, like with Blender, has a great future…

Sometimes I even thought of installing again Linux only for pressure and good support for my wacom+good editing package…
As one thing I miss in Pixia and Openm canvas beta 0.71(it has all in japanese characters, anyway) is that…well, there’s not much more to do than paint…heck, like when I am with a real pencil… :wink:

BTW, I am convinced GIMP can do absolutely everything you ask it for.
It can be slower in some areas, you may feel not very comfortable some times…but , I dunno, in 2d, I have always a way to do stuff with any tool that has the essential tools, and Gimp has them (not many more free softwares do…)

heh gimpson came a long way since 1.01 (with redhat 5.2 if I remember correctly - or was it 1.04?) - then I had blender 1.72 on linuxbox and max 2.5 and corel on macro$haft. since latter didn’t make enough money to justify their existence, oss invaded ms too.

now you can watch gimps output in movies, lol. but what I like about 2.x versions is it looks somewhat macromedia-ish :stuck_out_tongue: which is fine, nice and cool imo.

The major lacks in gimp is:
The UI, the fact that it has two menurows, many windows(instead of using MDI), and not logical structure of it all(to me).
Lack of the healing brush and the likes.
The lack of adjustement layers.
Not as good channelsupport.

And of theese the UI is the worst, if they wanted they could have made it better but if I have got it correctly they do not want to.

i prefer gimp, have never explorer photoshop that much, but i like making my own brushes in gimp and it does every thing i need it to do

i like the ui of gimp, no problems with it

I think the UI in gimp is better than in photoshop once you get used to it

having separate(d) windows is very handy if you have to match a texture or - say - website element or multimedia graphic to existing elements or scene that you develop in your authoring app. - it’s a matter of moving gimp picture window over your authoring app window, and all you need is available from your right-click. no more no less. guys who did gimpuss gui knew their job extremely well :stuck_out_tongue:

but - then again - walk the talk :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not fond of Gimp’s floating windows. I haven’t tried it in any great detail but was able to find many of the tools pretty quickly but i think you need to know what you are looking for. I’ve used Photoshop 6 for a few years now and I have to say it would take something very special to cause me to switch from Photoshop.

I think Photoshop and Blender are comparable in terms of efficient workflow with extensive use of shortcut keys etc… both of these packages can feel like an extension of a designer’s arm. I’m not sure if Gimp can be described like this yet.

Hmm, I only use Photoshop for graphic design and Editing photos, maybe gimp is ok for texturing and similar.
You can resize the main window in photoshop too…
If I were better at programming I would remake gimp to work like photoshops workflow, but I’m not that good…

to be honest, i prefer the gimps interface, the main windows thing in photoshop is actually something i dislike

and the way all the windows float and everything?, after 5 weeks of using it, i have customised all the fuction windows and everything works like a dream