What's causing this flickering in this animation?

Hey guys, so i rendered this animation I made for a client, but im seeing flickering in the lower half of the video when it plays… Can anybody tell me what might be causing this? (Eevee on 2.8 )


For better support, you try to share at least one .blend file with the camera, lights and Eevee settings (you don’t need to share the objects in the scene)

Are you using Render Tab > Film > Overscan feature?


Sorry for my late reply… here is the blend file. I have removed the car, because my client doesnt want me to share it.

I tried the Overscan feature…but that didnt seem to help…

If you momentarily disable Soft Shadows you will see that the shadows are the ones that are very unstable.
I guess for production you should use the maximum value (4096px) for Cube Size (for Area lamp) and Cascade Size (for Sun lamp) under Render tab > Shadows options. You remember to enable Soft Shadows again (if you had disabled it before to check what I had said before).
I suppose there will also be better settings for each lamp used under lamp tab to improve stability in animation for shadows, but I don’t know about it.

For Area lamp called “Sun.008” you should perhaps use Shadow > Bias=0.001 for shadows in Cactus to start from the base of it.
If the shadow is very strong, you use larger size in that Area lamp.