What's causing this light flickering?

I have a frontshot of a scooter… The camera zooms in, and then the front light of the scooter turns on…
However, on the floor… you see a lot of flickering during the zoom in…

Can anybody tell me what is causing this? I tried higher samples , but that didnt work…
Im on Cycles and the latest stable Blender.

Also… the headlight itself is an emission shader… the big white stripe that is flickkering…it the reflection…so not the light itself … and also… the ‘falloff’ light… is a different light (area light)…

So the flickering might be beacuse its a reflection in stead of a light?

here is the video to view

Its due to your samples being uniform across all frames
you will find this under Render Properties > Sampling > Advanced
select the little clock icon next to the “seed”. this will randomize your sample pattern for each frame
it also helps to have higher samples

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The denoiser you are using isn’t temporally stable. The flickering is due to the denoiser only considering one frame at a time.