What's causing this light leak?

Hey guys, im trying to figure out what the reason of these lightleaks is in my scene:


This is the setup:

  • ceiling with holes made in it (with boolean) so accomodate the spotlights
  • ceiling material is just black diffuse material
  • spotligts are basically a cilinder casing, with a small mesh emittor in it, and a glass ‘lid’ to close it off
  • also, theres a point lamp inside the casing, that I use for the actual lighting part.

I put the point lamp as far back into the casing as I can, anyfurther and Its blocked by something in the mesh.

My question is… what’s causing the light leaks on the ceiling? The outer cilinder of the lamp, should block the light from being thrown on the ceiling right? Or is the casig not extruded enough?

Is it better to use a spotlight in this case?

Looks like reflections rather than light leak. Give us the blend with just the troublesome part so we can figure this out.

You were right… Turns out that I had the ceiling material set to something with some gloss on it…

I changed the material to a pure diffuse black…and there gone…

still wondering where those reflections are coming from though… are those reflections of the actual lamps… or something via the floor maybe…

anyways… i know now its not the lamp its self that is spilling…so thats all good…