What's causing this?

Anyone have a guess what might be causing the black splotchy areas on the fuselage of the spaceship?

At first I thought it was a normals problem so I recalculated those. No luck. Then I thought it was a texture problem so I deleted the texture and gave it a plain gray material. No luck. Then I thought that maybe the object had been duplicated and they were interfering with each other. No luck.

Any ideas?

Steve S

overlapping faces?

Apparently. I went into edit mode and Removed Doubles and that solved it. Thanks for the quick response.

ETA: I’m going through piece by piece and nearly all of them have a lot of doubles, but they weren’t showing any problems.

Steve S

you imported this from another file didn’t you? It seems common from imports

Yeah, I downloaded it from SciFi3D.com. Sometimes I’ve had problems with parts of models being scattered around.

Steve S