what's differences between area and space ?

i am quite confused about these terminologies:space area region .

space is an area between two spaces thats the easiest way to explayin it

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Space usually refers to a place that is less defined and covers all three dimensions. Area is similar to space, but in two dimensions, or on a surface of some sort. Region is like an area but generally has boundaries that separate it from other regions.

Precise definitions depend on context, since these words have been borrowed by many disciplines and turned into jargon with very specific (and usually different) meanings in each discipline.

starting from the top you have the Window ( same as other application windows ) it contains Screens ( Default / Animation / UV editing / Scripting/…) and each screen contains Areas ( see the image ) and each area contains regions ( header , tools panel , properties panel ,window…) , also the area contains spaces which is the types of this area (3d view / node editor / file browser / … ) the space holds the information related to this type ( 3D view space contains the 3D view settings and info like view type ( perspective / ortho )… ) the area can have many spaces , when you switch the area type ( let’s say from 3D view to console ) you have added the console space to this area, and each space will hold its own related info ( settings and regions layout )