Whats everyones computer like?

2.6 Ghz Intel Celeron D (not the greatest but it does the job)
512 MB of ram: I want to upgrade to 1 GB but dont have the spare cash at the moment

600 mhz imac G3 (ouch!)

I love it.

3.6 Ghz Intel Pentium IIII w/ hyperthreading
x800 pro ati radeon
1 gig of ram dual channel


how can you assume we have only one computer?

home workstation:
1.666Mhz [when properly clocked, only boots now at 1250Mhz] athlon 2000+
1Gb ram
250Gb and 15Gb hard drive [the 80Gb died]
16X dual layer combo cd/dvd±r/rw burner
radeon 9600se 128Mb [agp]
windows xp, 98, SuSE [I think] and mepis

amd K6-2 450Mhz
192Mb of ram [pc-100! ick]
voodoo 2 3000
kubuntu 5.10

wannabe router:
intel p3 600Mhz [some HP pavilion]
128mb ram
integrated graphics
ubuntu 5.10

half-decent laptop:
p3 833Mhz [dell inspiron 4000]
384Mb ram
ubuntu 5.10
non-working optical drive, no floppy [installed via network]

functional antique laptop:
pentium 120Mhz [sharp]
32Mb of ram
windows 95
1Gb hard drive
has office 97, and I have a thermal printer [with it’s own battery…] for those emergency moments

dead stone-age laptop:
zenith slimsport 286

“work” computer 1:
p4 3.4 [dell optiplex gx 620 [second smallest form factor]]
1Gb ram
windows xp
160Gb hard drive
radeon x600 128Mb [pci-x half-height]

“work” computer 2: [there are at least 180 of these]
p4 3.4 [dell inspiron gx 620 [smallest form factor, combined with display]]
1Gb ram
windows xp
80 gig hard drive?
intel graphics media “accelerator” 900 [capable of running doom 3]

[“work” computer 3 is just like work computer 1, but is the second largest form factor [still half height pci cards] and there are 220 or so of them]

work computer:
celer[y]on 3.2
512Mb ram
windows xp
hard drive size unknown
integrated graphics of evil

and I got to install windows on three lattidue d600’s today, on a p3 600 [optiplex gx110] last week, and two other pentium 3 systems of similar era [but different make] on wednesday.

yeah, i love this thing. had it for about a year, and hopefully many more to come :D.

only problem is the ati slows down blender gradually, but it runs games like a charm. sadly ive given up games for a while after getting into modeling.

Atari Mega STE.
Hard Drive? of course not, silly.

Athlon XP 3000+
nVidia 6600 GT graphics (AGP)
500 GB storage (3 drives)
Linux - SuSE 10

Athlon 1800+
512 MB RAM
dual boot - Windows / SuSE
case - modified Apple G4 case, painted black

laptop: (Sony Vaio)
Pentium MMX 200 Mhz
40 GB hard drive (upgraded from 2 GB)
Linux - Vector Linux Soho

The laptop is almost 9 years old. I plan on replacing it soon, once I can afford something dual-core.

Im not really a gamer so I bought extra ram for rendering (I started with 256) so my computer is pretty decent right now. I got a nice plasma monitor for it and I have it set up exactly the way I like it. Its funny, the longer you have a computer the more you like it even though it has problems. I have had to wipe my hard drive two or three times due to viruses that destroyed my XP but I really wouldnt trade this computer. Now its an e-fortress…I might just upgrade the ram and the hard drive but thats about it. I plan on keeping this for awhile but I might get a laptop for college.


3.6 Ghz Intel Pentium IIII w/ hyperthreading
x800 pro ati radeon pci ex 16
1 gig of ram dual channel

gotta add the pci ex 16!

parent’s computers:
atari 1040ST upgraded to 4Mb of ram
has 100mb hard drive [SCSI!!!], and a [hardware] mac emulator
b/w display [go for the resolution man!!!] combined with speaker

dad has 3 duron systems [at least]

also has numerous antiques [pentium and earlier, like IBM PS-2s]

mom has an athlon 2600 system with a gig of ram and more hard drive space than I care to imagine [at least 3 160Gb drives]

sister has a crap emachine with celeron 900Mhz, 20gb hard drive and xp home

she also has a newer thinkpad.

[and both my parents have laptops from work]

pentium m 740 lappy alienware
1024 ram
6600 go graphics

amd 2800+ compaq
768mb ram
geforce fx 5700

amd 64 3200+ @ 2.9 custom
1024mb ddr400 2-2-2-5 ram running ddr 580 290mhz @ 3-4-4-7
geforce fx 7800gt

amd k6-2 500 ibm
128mb ram

pentium 3 800mhz
256mb ram
geforce mx 4000

p150 lappy sharp
64mb ram
2mb trident

486 dx2 pinepc
16mb ram

one of those keyboard & a computer combo things that you hook up to a tv dont know name

really old lappy i found at garbadge dump thats the size of a briefcase dont know name

P IV 2.4 GHz
1.5 GB RAM (DDR, I think)
GeForce FX 5700
80 GB HD

Two and a half years old. Blends just fine, which is its’ most daunting task.


RAM 1 GIG and 256MB.
HD 20 and 40GB
No addititional display card,
just the one in motherboard.
Pinnacle video capture card.

p4 2.4ghz
1gb ddr ram 333mhz
nvidia 6600 128mb
1x 40gb hd 5400rpm
1x 60gb hd 5400rpm

pM 2.0ghz
1gb ddr2 533mhz
nvidia 6600 128mb
1x 60gb hd 5400rpm

so yeah…my laptop totally destroys my desktop machine…only my different hd that suck ass…

Texas Insruments Laptop. Really old. I think they used it in the Cold War.


PowerMac G5 Dual Core 2 Ghz
Gefoce 6600 (256 MB)

–> but ordered not at home yet can’t wait for anymore :slight_smile:

Notebook (currently most used computer):

PowerBook G4 1.4 Ghz
1.5 GB RAM
60 GB Harddisk

P4 2.5 Ghz
120 GB HD
–> not realy using it anymore i should use it more often :slight_smile:


Opteron 880 dual core 2.4 ghz
4 gig DDR2 in dual channel arrangement
Quadro FX1400
800gig HDD space (5 x200gig in RAID 5)


Sony Vaio
2.4ghz P4 w/ HT
512meg DDR
30 gig HDD
GF 420 Go GPU

Timmeh, isn’t 5x200 one thousand?

My computer
Amd athlon Xp Thoroughbred 2200+ (1,8Ghz)
1GB ram (333mhz)
Geforce 4 ti4200 64mb
80Gb HD

Main Computer

AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ (2* 2.2Ghz cores)
Gigabyte Premium SLI M/b
1024mb DDR400 RAM
3 * 120GB HDD
Geforce 6800GT (+SLI room for one more!)

Secondary/Backup/Render/ possible VIVO box/ spare part repository

AMD Athlon 2400+ (Barton core)
Asus A7V-X M/b
256mb RAM
2gb HDD (eeekkk)
Geforce MX440 (eeeeekkkkkkk)