What's going off with Blendswap?

I love Blendswap to bits. I know they’ve been having financial problems. And they’ve had a new design. I can’t say I really have an opinion on the new design - it works fine. the thing is - for me - there’s like a 50% chance at any point that the website will be down. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m also a fan of the site. Since the new site design came online, the page loading has been very slow; perhaps a server issue?

I’m wondering that myself. I’m trying to get a new password for my account on the site, and it keeps giving me a 500 error. Even trying to contact them over the error gives me the exact same error.

I also reported problems to the site designer. The front page is sending you hi-res images, instead of thumbnails. I think that tanks their bandwidth quite a bit when a lot of people hit the site.