Whats going on here ?!

for some reason when I export to .obj all of My meshes get messed up I export to obj a lot and this has never happened I’ve tried every thing I can think of but nothing fixes it does any one have Ideas

please help

here’s an image of whats going on

see those things on the windows and around the decorative bits under the roof those are like parts of a stretched mesh or something that doesn’t exist in blender…
i’m stumped

the pic wont take…

why can’t I put the picture here

Your example image seems to have disappeared.

it keeps denieing my post when I use a link or [/img]

What’s wrong here ?!

Well, first off, you are posting a problem in the news and discussion portion, the support section (where one posts problems is down lower on the webpage).

Secondly, you can’t post images, links, or files with a low post count. It’s a feature to stop computer programs (bots) from posting useless spam here…

Hope this helps,

so so sorry I just went to My email and saw that rule on where to post I thought this was just general stuff area:o

But the picture thing that's,......
How am I supposed to get help without showing pictures.???

errrrm.,:mad: this mesh thing is really starting to suck my day…

How am I supposed to get help without showing pictures.???

Its amazing what you can do with the space key on your keyboard and a little imagination.


Well Richard, at least this user wants to post a picture, I just replied to post in the animation support section that described the problem with one sentence… :eek:

I could never work as a customer service representative for a company like Dell, I’d kill myself!

Nikkelah, when I first signed up here, I couldn’t post anything either. So I searched the forum to find out why and found out it was my post count, also found suggestions on ways to increase my post count so I could post images, links, etc… So I suggest do a bit of homework on this, figure out how to use the forum and abide by those rules.

Two bits of advice, don’t repost to this thread to up you post count using smileys and space bar… That might piss off the people who could help you most, and provide the .blend file that is causing the problems…


sorry for posting here

I know I’m stupid, I must be right
I woke up early this morning so I could get some real work done, and look its almost 2pm now., and all Ive done is google to try and figure out how to fix this so I can start textureing this thing., apparently I’m the only one ever to have ever had a problem even similar to this yay I’m so “Lucky”
I don’t have time to play games with this forum program, I’m not going to spend the rest of My day spamming the crap out of this place with smilies just so I can post a pic…, I guess I’ll go somewhere Else…

sorry if I sound Angy, I’m not… I’m just Frustrated right now:(