Whats going on in Blender 2.48a?

I recently downloaded the new Blender and I realized that the game enjine has changed quite a bit. So if someone has any good tutorials or hints on the new features, please share them.

look in the game engine forums, also if you wanna learn how to make games like yofrankie buy the dvd ;D


It’s all in the release log.

Thanks for the link. But i am looking at the GE notes and i dont understand whats going on there. For example: I cant get portals to work. If someone could mabe give me some other sites that explain it that’l be sweet thanx

I’m not sure what you mean by “portals.” Could you please post a link to where you saw this feature? Or try to describe the feature?


Its a way to use many different blends in one game, and enables you to let your player object “move thru” .blends (I’m not entirely sure how this works). If someone could explain how to use this to me it would really help me ALOT!