What's Going On W/ This Unwrap?

This is a part of a current project. i applied a Solidify mod, and unwrapped, and got total silliness, all the faces are packed and converted to neat geometric shapes!

i tried changing settings, eventually Smart UV Project gave a different result but then retrying Unwrap would not change the islands.



I don’t see any seams applied to the object to control how it is unwrapped so you will get a horrific mess

hmm. every other time i’ve unwrapped stull like that [like an engine, lots of indy components, it usually does each piece to varying degrees of correctness, i’ve never had this packed geometric stuff before.

Either use the Smart UV Project or just take a couple of minutes to add some seams to each object (Ctrl+E / Mark Seam)

Simple example: (no additional manual packing of islands to maximise space used)


weird unwrap.blend (103 KB)

Thanks Richard. i used Smart UV, got about what i needed. i just find it odd that the UV procedure just flat-out refused to work the way it always seems to have been happy to before. oh well, quirk of the tool or my model attributes i guess.


EDIT - damn, didn’t spot you’d added the file, many thanks for that, far better than my effort :slight_smile:

you need the seams to be able to unwrap a 3d object. the solidify modifier extrudes all faces, and doesn’t add any seams.

try to lay a beach ball out flat without cutting it and you’ll see why the seams are important :slight_smile: