Whats going on with filling faces!!?

Hi guys. Since time ago ive been suffering a problem when filling faces with ALT+F (or F).

Im not sure what im doing wrong. It happens every single time i try to fill something like this (hole in the middle).

The key hole in the middle is just a mesh circle, so im trying to fill everything but the keyhole itself.

It should not be happening, i watched tutorials and it should be work just fine. Ideas about what im doing wrong?. Im getting nuts with this.

Image ->


You don’t appear to have any geometry there to work with. Just a big nGon,

For some reason I think you’re thinking of the bridge command to fill in between the outer edges of the keyhole with the inner edges of the circle.

ajm is right, it seems you dont use the right function: you want use “Bridge edge loops” ( W menu ). not alt+F

And for good result dont forget to have the same number of vertices on both .

As i said, in other tutorials, they use the “make faces” option instead for this very same purpose.

I know Blender sometimes do whatever it wants lol, but i still dont understand why the very same options in the very same cases dont work at all from one system to another lol. Its the mistery number 1 of blender. But yup, i magined that i was using the incorrect tool, but again, i was just trying to follow a tutorial… but i guess i would need to do it by my own.

Sometimes people misspeak.

Usually people leave an example .blend out of their questions, and always leave out hints about the requirements from the end use and from the pipeline.

Both alt+F and bridge edge loops work. Could also use triangles to quads after filling with alt+F.

Filling the faces with triangles can be adequate since it’s a flat surface, and needed if the density is optimized. The outer circle needs more resolution than the inner because the angle change on the outer circle is on a larger detail, which is more visible to the camera. If the outer circle has 32 vertices, the keyhole needs 14 or less vertices for the same look.

All the time? lol, i mean i can understand someone saying “ALT+F” and “make faces” instead of “bridge edge loops” or whatever, once, but two, three and all the time??? i just dont really understand :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case, ALT+F will not work, ever. I mean, if i dont have holes in the middle or weird things, sure it will. If not, not a chance.

Works for me. Since you haven’t provided support files and information of what you’re actually doing http://i.imgur.com/L7D4kKq.gifv

Well, it should not work. Because make faces what it does is precisely that, to make faces from edges (or to be clear from two equidistant vertices). If you select 2 groups of edges, like the example in my screenshot, Blender doesnt know what edges to join to make the faces, so you get everything joined. Thats completely logical and i understand why its happening.

And it should not work for you either. Now, it works for the guy doing the tutorial?? not a clue. As you know a lot of people who make tutorials avoids and ignores a lot of steps in the process (and the guy who do these tutorials do that all the time), and i assume most of em confuse “make faces” with “bridge edge loops”, two completely different things.

The only problem i was having is that i couldnt not understand why “make faces” should work in that example. It shouldnt, but it does in the tutorials i watch. My confusion is there. Now, it is fixed using bridge edge loops, but i like to learn everything i can before i ditch something out.

Now, it works for you? congratulations. But im pretty sure you cant explain why… lol.

? Also, you obviously didnt even bother to look at the picture i attached in my very first post…

You keep going on about a tutorial but you never linked it, how are we supposed to know what tutorial you are talking about?

Filling works about as expected, left is normal and right is alt+f.

Of course I did. That cropshot doesn’t show

  • used blender version
  • what the selection looked before filling, which of the mentioned shortcuts was used for filling
  • any specifics about the structure that can only be checked with the file (doubles, object scale)

Your post basically says “it doesn’t work, it worked in a tutorial, what I’m doing wrong”. Can’t know what you’re doing wrong since you haven’t explained what you’re doing, what you’re watching, and haven’t provided the mesh you’re working with. Can only assume what you might be working with, try it, and report back. And then start gardening.

Your other post is about “Maya interface” whatever that means. If it means Maya keymap, or otherwise altered shortcuts, one possibility is that your keys aren’t mapped to the same functions as everyone else have, including the tutorial. If you’re doing that, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqSEtTF8hPE&feature=youtu.be&t=527