What's going on with luxrender???

I haven’t been able to access their website in quite some time. :confused:

Seems ok for me.

you’re able to access www.luxrender.net ???

Just clicked the url in your post and got the page attached


I was afraid of that… I keep getting the “Oops this page cannot be found” error.

I was at the site earlier today but now… nope, can’t open it either.

Richard, where are you located?

I’m all the way in Switzerland, so I guess it’s pretty global. Probably some DNS weirdness that will clear out sometime soon.

I’m in the UK
Using DNS servers and

I can’t access either…wierd…

There are currently some hosting issues related to the DNS, they should be resolved in a couple of days.

For those who can’t wait that long, the website can temporarily be accessed by writing lux-render instead of luxrender in the URL.

Dead for me now at the proper address.

oh, good! Have to tell I thought Radiance was still fighting back… :stuck_out_tongue:

gotta download the source…

I had a heart attack but it was a deja-vu!