What's going on with Project Aqua? Nov 6, 2005

Hey all,

You may remember me posting about Project Aqua a while back. For those who don’t know, I’m involved with the team Aethr, and we’re creating a full-fledged RPG. We expect this to take quite some years, but the we expect the end result to be worth the work.

Anyways, I’d just like to showcase some of our work, including concept sketches, 3D artwork, and more. Some of you may have seen some of these already.

Cyberhuman City Sketch 1
Sketch 2
and Sketch 3

Nova Observatory Concept 1
Concept 2
3D WIP of Nova Observatory
Doodad #1

Old Quazi Nova Concept (now used as the Quasar Chase)
Quasar Chase Hallway Layout
Quasar Chase Model

New Quazi Nova (QN) Concept
QN Interior 1
QN Interior 2
QN Interior 3
QN Interior 4
QN 3D Reference Sheet

QN Logo #1
QN Logo #1

Most of the… all of the concept sketches you see here are by Javier Torres. 3D work is by Sebastian S., Jason S., and myself.

So, I think we’re progressing along nicely. I just hired a new talented traditional artist who will be creating character sheets so we can model our characters in 3D! Yeah, we had previous character sheets, but the style was hard to get. This new artist, Keiko, will bring in Japanese influence into the art.

Graphics engine is coming along well despite our earlier misunderstandings with one of our programmers. We’re implementing OpenGL, which is nice. Hopefully the graphics engine, either OpenGL or software render will be complete by 2006.

As the art director, I’ve decided that for the time being we’re doing well with the artists we already have. However, if any of you feel your work is worth contributing to the game, please let me know. Either PM me or email me at [email protected] gmail .com (spaces on purpose ;)… yeah, take them out). We’re especially interested in having a character modeler while LeeWJ is away in Amsterdam doing Project Orange.

So yeah, that’s about it I guess. Take care, and let me know if any of you have questions!

could you say in short

is it made in blender?

Yes, %100. :smiley:

The concept looks realy good.

Yes, I agree. Javier isn’t usually happy with his sketches for some reason, but the rest of the team (and others) find it awesome and original.

Yes, I agree. Javier isn’t usually happy with his sketches for some reason, but the rest of the team (and others) find it awesome and original.

Artists usually don’t like their own work…

But seems like you have quite a bit of good and original artwork coming up there. Though the real challenge is to keep the team together/motivated and get the project to completion. Might seem simple, but so many potentially promising projects fall apart on that: a great start which always just fades away.


Yes, the majority of game dev teams do fall apart. However, we’ve done research on this and looked into what makes game dev groups sucessful, and we’ve taken the necessary precautions to keep this from happening. Motivation is something that I’ve delt with, and as of now the team is doing very well and has been making continuous progress. Is it gaurenteed that we won’t fall apart? No. Did we do our best to keep it from happening and is it working? Yes.

I feel as if the art is their but the programming of it seems to be a problem?

To clear that up, it WAS a problem, but our current code leader is doing a great job thus far. The graphics engine is nearly completion, and the text combat engine is under way :slight_smile: