What's going on with Uploader.Polorix?

It’s giving me a “401 Authorization Required” even with my username and password. What’s going on? Is it maintenance? But it’s giving me the same error since yesterday.

it was hacked a while back , and i think it happend again .

Damn. I hope the hacker ends in jail and has to pay thousands or millions of dollars.

savefile is a good alternative , but not direct download :frowning: .


It’s true. I made a thread about it a few hours ago.

It’s too bad… polorix is great but always seems to get hacked.

I don’t know, someone provided this link…

But, my account isn’t there, all links broken. That was a bad idea.

Zip all the files you want, then you can upload them on cdupload and it will unzip for you…

very quick way to get all your old stuff up on there(it was my primary host as well).

Ok, thanks. I hope this doesn’t happen again, at least on several years.