whats going wrong here in this human model mesh ?

I decided to create a human model mesh
But something is going wrong, and despite a lot of attempts in re-creating those faces, i keep getting this strange shade on these mesh faces here
Could someone explain this ?, and help me solve it ?

the center verts are not in the center
try to increase the limit a little and see if it corrects this

if not then i suggest you remove you mirror modifier
then manualy re center all center verts
then add the mirror modifier

happy bl

Select all, W -> remove doubles (removes double vertices, F6 for options), Ctrl+N (makes normals consistent and pointing outside).

Also in case you don’t already know, enabling clipping option from the mirror modifier allows you to easily drag the vertices in the middle and they stay there.

Post images with better resolution in the future. Yes you wanted to show what is in the viewport but the cause of what is in the viewport might be visible around it. Modifier settings, modifier visibility options, blender version and much more information you can relay with a single screenshot, just by leaving it a decent resolution.

Ctrl+shift+N makes normals consistent and pointing inside.

i found the cause i needed to flip the normals ctrl + shift + n

ah thanks i didnt new that, i was thinking of filling the center later with meshes F key