Whats happening in this picture

I know the lowest part is the wire mesh but whats in the middle and top image…
more over how did the wiremesh become something as such?? or is it just a high poly mesh?

Looks like indeed the upper parts are the -very- high poly version, probably sculpted in Zbrush/Mudbox/other very high poly capable sculpt programs.

The low poly may be the retopo on which high poly normals/ao/etc… will be baked.

so this is not done in blender i see… i have a another question… what does a good solid mesh have? solid meaning a solid object like a hammer…

a wire mesh
a UV wrap
a texture

and what more?

so this is not done in blender
Is there a particular reason to think it was ?

yea because i found this picture on a site which only limits upto 600 polys… so ive thought that it might have been a “function” or something in blender… which i was wrong…

You can model a base low poly model in Blender, then use the Sculpt mode with the Multires resolution to sculpt very fine detail (assuming your system can handle going high or very high poly required to sculpt fine detail).
Then always in Blender you can bake the normals, AO etc… from your sculpted high poly into your base low poly model.

Though most people would use other sculpting program to sculpt the fine detail, as you really need a powerfull system to be able to reach the required polycount to sculpt such fine details if you need a very high poly sculpt and keep your brush in a workable state (while other applications like Zbrush by example need a much less powerfull system for the same very high poly sculpting thing)

An alternative too is to use a sculpting program like Sculptris or other sculpting tools from the start, sculpt the whole model, sculpt the fine details, then import the result into Blender in which you can retopo to build a low poly version, then from there bake normals, AO etc…

Usually techniques game models use nowdays :
-sculpt at very high poly
-create a low poly version of the sculpt (retopo or other methods) that will be the actual game asset
-bake details (normals/ao/etc…) from the high poly into the low poly.

I agree with the above but I find it faster to build a low poly model then sculpt the higher detail. However this is preference.

If you are looking for a program to do this then blender should manage this and is free. There is a free learning edition of mudbox if you feel you need to use something else or are just interested. Scupltis is free but is very undeveloped in features since it is very new and still in alpha. Zbrush cost money but there is a cheaper learning edition. The images you shown happen to be zbrush (the polyframe view and black to grey background is the giveaway). but it can be done in other programs too.

ahhh I see so the picture above is just like an “eye candy” or a work preference of the maker of the high poly sculpt ,for the lower poly meshes are the ones to be used in the game?