What's happening to Blenderman?

just seen this.


Its such an excellent site. A BIG thankyou to all involved with it. Does anyone know what’s going to happen to it now?

Well hopefully someone with the financial resources, and time to keep it up and running, Will volunteer for the job.
If not, it’ll probaly have to go offline :frowning:

Dont worry, We are still running, and as much as I know, we already have got required support, though I am not aware of the nature of the support itself.

But we are sure to be commited for making blenderman a great resource for the blender community. :slight_smile:


good to hear all is well varuag

look forward to reading the next journal :smiley:


The next journal will be out soon, a summary of articles submitted in July.

We are looking for artists to grant permission for their works to be displayed. If members of the community would like, they can pm me with a statement like:

I grant permission for Blenderman to use <specific art> (pref Finished Works). For copyright purposes (yours not Blenderman’s) we request your real name and website. (See Blenderman Submissions: http://www.blenderman.org/index.php?filename=SXCOL/about/submissions.html

Article & Tutorial Graphics should be in JPG, TIFF, PNG or any other standard cross-platform graphics format.
Submissions should include a brief biographical statement including who you are, what you do, your hobbies and interests (besides Blender), your website, and what part of the world you are from. <endquote>

You retain copyright of your work and grant the zine permission to use it.
I’d love to get back to the regularity of a monthly, like the CJ’s were. All it takes is willing artists. Feel free to grant blanket permission if you allow us to select what we want from the forum. However we still need to list the image as “Copyright <year> <your real name>”

Or just send the image to “editor_mc --at-- blenderman.org” with the requested info.