What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(Lucrecious) #1

Hey, long time BA user here.

Just wondering what’s going to happen to this forum now that the BGE is dead?

Let me know your thoughts specifically on having the forum around, moving it to another site (possibly for UPBGE) or removing it all together. There are already way too many posts talking about the BGE getting removed, I don’t really want to hear it hahaha


(TheDave) #2

I intend to continue working on a personal project which uses an older version of the BGE. I was hoping that the forum would continue as-is because it’s got a massive collection of knowledge and problem solving.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that will continue to use it after it’s stopped being officially supported. Lets face it, the BGE hasn’t been properly supported for ages, and that’s never stopped us.

(C-106 Delta) #3

I agree with TheDave. Keeping the forum up for resources, support and discussion is still very useful for the foreseeable future.

(Monster) #4

It looks like a lot of people want to see the BGE dead.

The BGE is not dead. The BGE development from the Blender Foundation stopped. That is a big difference.

The BGE exists and is fully working and will be working quite a long time. The BGE is dead for you when you stop using it. In that case this subforum is not of interest for you anymore.

When you use the BGE to make a game (nobody stops you from doing that) you can get questions or have problems. This forum can be a big help as it was before.

A forum dies when nobody uses it. This can be because nobody is interested in the topics anymore, technical difficulties, or other medias are more attractive.

We will see in future how this forum goes on.

(Lucrecious) #6

I didn’t mean the BGE is dead in the sence of dying user base, I mean just not being “officially” updated (bad usage of “dead” on my part!)

I’m really glad the forum is staying. I thought moving it for a little would be nice, so we could have a tighter community. Over the years, I noticed not too many of us leave this section of the forum. It’d be nice to have an “Off Topic” subforum for our relatively small community.

I’m glad a lot of you are still around, this is a really cool long lasting community :slight_smile:

(Guyus Matlow) #7

Finally, a positive thread about BGE.

I’m making a fangame with BGE, in case anybody is interested to help:

(Nick Manchul) #8
  • I hope that it will happen

(linkdude240) #12

In fairness, though, saying “BGE isn’t dead, you can still use it but it’s unsupported” is kind of like saying “windows vista still runs”. I’m not saying anything you said is wrong necessarily, but Monster… you have to admit that saying “BGE is undergoing depreciation/abandonment” (still not entirely sure which, considering the mention of “interactive mode”) does not give anyone a warm, fuzzy feeling either continuing their game development or starting any new projects in blender.

If it was the intent of BF to say that BGE development is going to halt, no matter how you slice it that’s a lot of confidence lost upfront.

(Lucas15) #13

So are Autodesk 3DS Max and Autodesk Maya more popular than Blender?Why Blender Game Engine disappeared in newer Blender versions?

(Retrax) #14

You can still use the old versions of blender and besides, UPBGE still exists. Other than that there are lots of resources and other stuff on the thread category so its not a waste.

(Monster) #15

This reason for this forum is the active use of Blender. The reason of this subforum is the active use of the BGE.

As said earlier the BGE is there and actively used. This means the purpose of this subforum is present.

Yes, when the user base of the current BGE goes down, this subforum will not be used that often.

When another game engine get introduced and there is enough interest, new subforums can be created.

(linuxfree) #16

exactly what i trying tell here for many members.you are very right.we can continue working creating projects can help one by one can create addons new plugins scripts well.

(Wendigo) #17

Haven’t been around for some time. The last thing I read was that Ton intended to create a completely new BGE that shares more of blenders code.
Did he change his mind? This thread reads as if the BGE will be completely removed.

(Monster) #18

The BGE as is, will not be included in Blender 2.8.

There are plans to create a new game engine based on the new preview renderer of Blender (eevee) but not within the first release of 2.8.

You need to download 2.79 or UPBGE to get the latest BGE

A new game engine is not neccessarily backward compatible. Mostlikely it is not = it will be new game engine and not an update.

I’m sure you can easily transfer your assets to 2.8 but no logic. The big hope is that this new engine has much more capabilities that Blender already offers (e.g. programmatically create meshes).

(Wendigo) #19

So in other words nothing has changed. The BGE code hasn’t seen any update for years so removing it temporarily doesn’t make a change to me.
Upgrading the blender version on a running project has never been an easy task, so I could just use the new “interactive mode” for my next project and start anew. I guess it will still be python powered since this it the scripting language of blender.
I’m looking forward to the new engine, hope it won’t take too long. Will stick with 2.79 until it is ready. :slight_smile:

(PeterBluewin) #20

For your information! The official statement from Blender Foundation. The deleting of BGE!

And with all due respect to all the comments here in this part, but we should honestly say that the BGE is no longer evolving. So you have a choice when you want to develop a game, use an old program like BGE or watch other free programs. The new Blender doesn’t do that anymore. Even if the EEVEE plays on an FPS of 30, there is a lack of logic. Unreal and Unity are only the best known alternatives. They are completely free for private use.

This is not a problem for beginners and private users. There are also some that use Windows XP. But for more professional use, it is necessary to rectify the problem. This does not take place officially at the BGE. In the UPBGE, the team is no longer available. No more bugs have been fixed or bugs have been answered for months. Everyone can decide freely whether to use an old program until the drivers no longer work or similar, or if one turns to the new things.

(TheDave) #21

Sure, but why would that stop usage of the BGE? It only becomes a problem when it can’t run properly on modern hardware/OS. If you take a look around at some of the classic games, such as the old Red Alerts or Supreme Commander you’ll see large communities that still use those games and still create content for them.

I still use lots of old software because it still works and still does what I want it to.

(Daedalus_MDW) #22

thats why its being removed from blender. the old bge cant interact with the shiny new blender.

its like trying to put a floppy in a cd drive. floppy still works, it just needs a floppy drive.

(TheDave) #23

So keep an older version of Blender installed so you can keep using the BGE…

(Daedalus_MDW) #24

i actually use 2.74. the only time i use 2.78 is for the manuel bastioni lab.