What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(BluePrintRandom) #203

I don’t see why we can’t have legacy / new blender as 2 categories for a few years

many people can’t afford a new GPU to run eevee I assume.

(BTolputt) #204

Not a question of “can’t”, BPR. It’s a matter of “should or shouldn’t”.

As I currently understand it (& I know they’ll correct me if I’m wrong) - the site admins/mods are trying to remove barriers between the types of Blender users. Why split game models in their own forum when there is already an Artwork section used by everyone else? Why keep the development knowledge of the game guys segregated in their own subforum when there is a Coding section that could handle a few more Pythonistas around? And if we’re sticking animations, still shots, and finished other finished works in Finished Projects - why not have the game guys put up a demo/link of their finished project there?

I’m bending more and more towards Fweeb’s perspective on this, both for my reasons and for those he has stated.

(Ace Dragon) #205

Considering that the devs. have done work to allow Eevee and 2.8 in general to run on crappy Intel integrated graphics from years ago (for the sole reason being that they support OpenGL 3.2), this may not be near as needed as one might think.

I agree with Fweeb that the idea of coaxing BGE/UPBGE users into the larger Blender community may be worth looking into. The BGE (now UPBGE) users will showcase their work in the same way as those using any other engine with Blender.

There’s still the open question of where to get UPBGE-specific Q&A support, an independent forum really isn’t that hard to make these days with all of the software that does most of the grunt work for you. The hardest part will probably not be the site building itself, but finding a good quality host that will ensure enough bandwidth for years to come. Sites like Patreon meanwhile can help with running costs.

(BTolputt) #206

You don’t even need a forum for it. Reddit is a reasonable platform for discussion, support, and linking to awesome content elsewhere. Free to create, easy to moderate, and I just checked - the /upbge/ subreddit is still up for grabs. :wink:

I like the inclusive thinking on the part of the BA admins/mods… but if there absolutely, positively has to be a community meeting place solely for BGE/UPBGE users - there is are safe, free, and easy to use options available.

(Thomas Murphy) #207

I too shall continue working with older blender game engine. For that reason, I would really prefer that the blender artists BGE section remains. It is an excellent resource and has helped me immensely over the past 4 years.

I actually am doubling down on investing in the vanilla BGE by publishing my game"The Shadows Lengthen" with it.