What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(Liebranca) #25

2.49 still works too, and is the only version that can handle a working .NIF import tool, which you need to mod practically all Bethesda games. Well, talk about modernizing!

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[quote=“TheDave, post:21, topic:1109459”]
…but why would that stop usage of the BGE? It only becomes a problem when it can’t run properly on modern hardware/OS. If you take a look around at some of the classic games, such as the old Red Alerts or Supreme Commander you’ll see large communities that still use those games and still create content for them.[/quote]

Sure, some people are also using Windows XP.

(Lucrecious) #27

Back on this - I think I’m a little glad that the Blender Foundation is removing their BGE. That means UPBGE is the correct version of BGE and everyone can move onto that.

The monthly games from game contests we used to have are going to be a lot easier to play now that we don’t need two different versions of Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is a free building / flying example game i made. i would love to see someone edit it ect make a game out of it. i always wanted a building game that i could build a flying base. i’ll rename stuff when i get time. Have fun.

(Fred/K.S) #29

Why to even revive such an awful thread?


(edderkop) #30

calling BGE dead is a false statement.

(BluePrintRandom) #31

upbge is alive and well - 0.2.4 is in alpha still

(theoldguy) #32

Yeah, but sadly this forum is kinda dying. Remember the days when you posted something in the morning, and by suppertime it was 4 pages back. (2010) I remember when there was close to a million members. 800,000 if I remember correctly. These days the same posts stay all summer.
I often wonder if the people who were once here, are using a different forum.

(BluePrintRandom) #33

They tried to kill it is seems,

Letting all the naysayers and the ‘bge is dead’ talk run unchecked was not good.

Discord bounced back, but many people I know from the forums don’t come here anymore near as often.|

UPBGE is alive and well, make nice looking games, and release them!!

this is the blneder discord and it has a game engine channel

and this is the blender game engine discord started by John Hamilton

(Ace Dragon) #34

As for the relevance of this forum, there is now enough of a difference between the BGE in 2.79 and before and the UPBGE fork that this forum is of little use for anyone not using the latter (because most of the die-hard fans are using that version and talking about that version).

As a result, I would support the retooling of the BGE section here into a section for general game development using Blender as a primary tool. It’s not likely that this forum would have sections for UPBGE for the same reason it does not have sections for Armory or BforArtists.

(BluePrintRandom) #35

UPBGE is bge, the stuff that has changed is 95% additions and bug fixes.

your just a bge killhappy godot fan or whatever.

get off my lawn.

(nsg3) #36

Good thing is blender is open source. Which is attractive to a lot of users I think. They want to support the movement. This allows for the code to be improved upon by anybody, not just the Blender Foundation. @Monster gets that. Blender is really only limited by it’s community.

Search for Armory 3d & UPBGE

(BluePrintRandom) #37

or search upbge 0.2.4

Release Notes

there is a ton of new candy

(Ace Dragon) #38

Additions which can’t be used by those still using BGE vanilla though.

The difference in active bugs as well. Unless you want to ensure everyone clarifies the version they are using in every thread, the more surefire route would be to start a forum just for UPBGE users (it shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. The Godot userbase for instance managed to scrape together their own forum without a whole lot of coding knowledge and with no support from project leaders).

That said, since UPBGE is entirely based on Blender, a retooled game development section would easily accommodate its users.

(Liebranca) #39

BGE and UPBGE – it’s almost the exact same API
Thus, lots of resources, examples and discussions on this section are useful to most users
Topics about armory, unity, unreal, ogre or godot, on the other hand, are pretty much irrelevant
They’re entirely different engines, and we don’t need them cluttering up searches
Plus, users of those other engines have their own boards. We don’t.
My point: get your shit together.

(Dimitris Chloupis) #40

You can’t kill software and if you don’t believe me google CPCwiki. It’s a 30 year old computer with 128kb of memory and a breathtaking 4 MHz CPU. Not only there is a very active community , they make a lot of software. As a result Amstrad CPC has better software now than it had in the peak of its popularity. It has a freaking GUI OS with internet and video capabilities and it does not even use the entire 128kb of memory. There are also emulators, new hardware extensions, complete hardware redesigns embedded with modern technologies. CPC also is not remotely close to the popularity of Amiga.

My point ?

The removal of BGE from Blender may be the best thing to ever happened to BGE. All it takes is a dedicated community.


Why this is hidden content?

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somebody could not handle the truth and flagged him.

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basically the fan boy flood upstairs can hide your post if they don’t like it now :frowning:

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What needs to be emphasized is that this forum section is not under the ownership of any of the BGE users. The owner of this forum is Blendernation and it is Bart who makes the rules and it is him who decides what happens here.

If you of the UPBGE guys worked together to produce their own forum, then you can go as far as to ban anyone who brings up Unity, Godot, Unreal, or any other engine in any thread (at the potential cost of acquiring a bad reputation). UPBGE is technically a different project at this point and therefore might be better served with its own community portal, much like what we already see with BforArtists.