What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(Liebranca) #45

On the support section of this forum, there’s a subsection called modelling
There, people can get help with their Blender modelling issues
Now imagine if users of other 3D software were to post their problems there
What you get is clutter. Now I have to sift through more topics that are not useful.
That’s why they have a “other software” subsection.
Now compare this to my previous post.

The idea is not to ban or exclude discussion of other engines, but to keep it at the right place
I don’t know who owns this board, likely they can see my point on being orderly about sections
And if they do, they’ll also see why BGE and UPBGE devs belong on the same support page,
whereas Godot and BGE do not
But if I’m wrong about them, and they wind up following your terrible advice, I’ll make my own board
with blackjack and hookers
And if you ever show up there, I’ll ban you before you even confirm registration.
But not because you’re a Godot user, just because you’re annoying.

(sick) #46

But if I’m wrong about them, and they wind up following your terrible advice, I’ll make my own board
with blackjack and hookers
And if you ever show up there, I’ll ban you before you even confirm registration.
But not because you’re a Godot user, just because you’re annoying.

just wanted to quote this.

(Ace Dragon) #47

You’re running the site, you could even use a filter to turn the word “Godot” into ***** if you want.

What I am trying to say is that UPBGE is inevitably going to be drifting further into being a full fledged fork, especially with 2.8 coming out and how it will be difficult to update the project to be based on it (no logic panel for starters). By that time, it may be more effective for the userbase to have their own community portal.

(BluePrintRandom) #48

I think moving into logic node editor for logic bricks is a step the UPBGE devs are going to undertake so be able to migrate into the 2.8 ui eventually (making all the UI openGLES complient including upbge)

youle maintains a fork of 2.8 with bge in it…


We DON’T want Ace. I repit it to you. We DON’T want.

You are a pain trying that we go to other place. We stay here you like it or not.

For me BGE = Blender Gap Export

Edit: Sorry to be rude Ace

(Kevin B) #50

For my first message I thought I’d let you know I’m moving into game creation using Blender 2.79, which will be the last release as the BGE. That means some fresh blood. I was off put off to see it go, but I’m happy to learn game design with Blender. Such a lovely program.

(Jason van Gumster) #58

For everyone curious, the reason why posts in this thread are being hidden is because they are off-topic. This thread is about what’s going on with the Game Engine categories with respect to the fact that the BGE was removed from Blender 2.80. This is not the thread to debate whether the BGE is dead. There are plenty of other threads about that. Please use those.

If you have problems with the actions I’ve taken, please feel free to PM me directly and we can discuss it there. Attempts to discuss moderation in this thread are off-topic and will therefore be hidden or deleted.

The discussion about what to do with the Game Engine categories is valid. In my opinion, I see no reason why these categories should be removed any time soon. If anything, it may be worth it to expand inclusion of these categories to other engines that also integrate tightly with Blender (including the BGE in 2.79, UPBGE, Armory, and perhaps even Verge3D). This is what we should be discussing.

(Daedalus_MDW) #59

can we just lock this thread? its not helping anyone.

EDIT: now that youve made your official statement that these section are sticking around

(Ach Abou) #60

they will talk about armory 3d

(modelinblender) #63

I would like to know with this other game engine version, which os is it supported for?

As for effects, sparks and particle effects is that possible with this adaptation of the game engine compared to the original?


It is the same engine with less bugs and new features that have been developed during last 2.5 years. You can do the same things plus some new ones

(modelinblender) #65

I thought it was similar, but what I’m getting at is there is no scifi effects, I wanted that in a small game project I created last year. I couldn’t go far with what I made for that reason as well a few others.

(wkk.py) #68

On that topic, I think just adding armory/verge categories without changing the focus of the others would do great :slight_smile:

Currently, we have:

  • Game Engine
    • Game Engine Support and Discussion
    • Works in Progress and Game Demos
    • Finished Games
    • Team Projects
    • Game Engine Resources

We could have something more general, but rename most of what is already here:

  • Game Making
    • Discussion
    • BGE Support
    • Armory3D Support
    • Verge3D Support
    • Works in Progress and Demos
    • Finished Games
    • Team Projects
    • Resources

Where Discussion, Finished Games, Team projects and Resources could be cross engines (in the case of Resources, it would just have to be made with Blender and that’s it).

On the Blender Discord administred by Jerry Miller, something like this already happened and is working well!

The best thing would be to simply rename and add new categories without deleting anything.

I guess most BGE people here just want to keep their place on these forums, without too much noise from other communities. Simply compartmentalizing should do the trick, with common sections as described. Any opinions?

(BTolputt) #69

I was indeed curious and, personally, agree with your view on this. The death of BGE (real or imagined) is not the subject of this thread, and I’m actually interested in the issue of how to deal with the “Game Engine” forum now that Blender 2.8 no longer contains a game engine.

If there were voting on the matter, I’d support @WKnight02 's suggesting. Namely, that there be a parent “Game Development” forum, underneath which there are forums for general and engine specific subjects.

(ethicalfive) #70

Why not make a new forum section entirely and leave this section as it is? It’s been here for many years and isn’t hurting anyone in its current format.

This is a kind of a weird thread, people who don’t use this forum section trying to dictate the forum structure and upsetting everyone who has been happily using and contributing to this section for many years.

I also suggest a title change if “BGE is dead” talk is off topic. I mean, it’s literally in the topic, what do you expect?

(Jason van Gumster) #72

If I were to have my druthers, I would suggest keeping the categories largely as they already are—perhaps with minor name changes—and make more heavy use of Discourse’s tagging system. Topic starters could tag their posts to let others know what game engine that they’re focusing on. Also, in the event that there’s a new game engine with tight integration with Blender, adding a new tag is much simpler than adding a whole category.

(Cotaks) #73

so we get a mix of everything? that’s a no go.

sections will be fine, but complete sections, you should then give other engines the same layout as we have for the bge.

so the same as the game engine section right now(/with some changes).

This will attract a lot more people to this forum, every group then have their own section, and no messing around with multiple engine posts. Also you keep some annoying people away from some sections. for example, i gonna whine in bge section, but when everything is in one section i will definitely whine in those other posts as well, even if it is just for messing with them(you get the point). And ofcourse noone like to search for something to find out their using the wrong post/engine, people don’t read everything.

(Jason van Gumster) #74

I’m not sure I follow. Filtering by tag is very easy to do and very easy to manage. A wall of categories is overwhelming and much more difficult to manage.

(BTolputt) #75

You are making the assumption that the users are going to tag all of their posts correctly and uniformly to enable that filtering to work properly… I don’t see that happening. Especially not beginners which will constitute a lot of the posters for this topic.

If you’re someone willing to help on, say, Godot engine issues - you are either going to miss threads you can help on by filtering or have to waste time reading through all the threads to find the ones you can deal with. The only way around that issue would be to enforce a tag on new threads, which I doubt you’re willing to do.

That said, I’m not strongly viewed about it. I do most of my game development conversations elsewhere. Just hoping to help :slight_smile:

(Cotaks) #76

is there anyone using the front page then? i navigate by game engine in favorites, then using the dropdown to go to any specific game engine area.

But the point is, it will get to messy, as you say we need to do more before we even get the right posts.
I’m not fan of searching, and this forum well searching is very bad. 8/10 times you get results from 2008 all latest post are hidden somewhere down the long list of results, i imagine searching by tag is better, but still we need to search for it.

You can even adjust the game engine section and just add section for the other engines discussion topics. Resources i agree can be as is, for that using a tag or searching for it is enough, but i would not do that with just the discussion threads.