What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(Jason van Gumster) #87

The moderation team, along with the community here, can help with tagging, where necessary. I believe it’s also possible to put some quick links at the top of a category so users can quickly filter by tag.

What I do know is that adding categories in any forum is something that has to be considered heavily. Categories can be difficult to change or re-organize when there are changes (like having new popular game engines or old ones falling out of favor). Also, it’s not a pleasant experience to visit a forum and be overwhelmed with a wall of categories. And, as seen in a few posts already, the semi-permanence of categories raises the question of which specific engines get their own category and which ones don’t.

In contrast, tags are more flexible and extensible in a dynamic environment like this. Quick links to tag-based filters can be changed easily. Nearly any game engine can be supported/added. The general category list remains neat and tidy. Those are the main reasons I’d prefer to see just how much we can do to make tags a pleasant experience.

(wkk.py) #88

Tags are good, but moving the current BGE Support and Discussion category to the side as “legacy” and creating a fresh one for the tagged general “Game Making Support and Discussion” category would avoid noise in the old one as well as in the new one. The other categories are not as important and could just be tagged from now on, IMO.

What’s your opinion on this?

(Jason van Gumster) #89

I’m not opposed to the idea of doing something like that, but there are a number of currently active threads in there; I’m not sure the best course for handling those. My gut says that they’d have to be moved to the new forum (and appropriately tagged), otherwise, we’d effectively end up with two categories; one for the BGE and one for everything else. And if the threads are being moved, what’s the metric that we use to decide whether to move them? No activity for a year? 6 months?

(wkk.py) #90

I would post new threads in the new category, but would this separation be a big deal? Rename the category to “BGE Support - Legacy” (so everything is “moved”, virtually), and open the new category for everyone, it will be empty at first but it will also look clean.

Unless you wanted to have something already populated?

One other way would be to rename the category to fit a bigger scope and tag absolutely everything with the BGE tag on in the current category, not moving anything. The categories were solely about the BGE until soon.

Just know that BGE users would prefer to be in their own category on the side :stuck_out_tongue: (1 category, not even the 5 current ones)

After all, the BGE was a part of Blender for a really long time, it is not making a special case, BGE is a special case :wink:

(Jason van Gumster) #91

So let’s say there are two categories: BGE and everyone else. Would the BGE category only be pre-2.80 BGE (as officially shipped with Blender) and anything not officially shipped with Blender (e.g. UPBGE, Armory, etc.) goes in the other category? That might be workable. I’d be curious to know what other folks think about that.

(TheDave) #92

I’m against making the current category “Legacy”. There will be duplicate content in both and people are going to have to remember to search both categories for answers. If you really want a new, more generic name, why not just rename this category?

(wkk.py) #93

wdym by search? I usually just browse https://blenderartists.org/c/game-engine and am able to see everything, don’t you?

I was seeing something like:

Game Making
 - Blender Game Engine pre-2.8 (old category)
 - Support and Discussion (new general category)
 - WIPs and Game Demos
 - Finished Works
 - Team Projects
 - Game Resources

That shouldn’t confuse people?

(TheDave) #94

If you already see everything then what’s the point in splitting the category? I like to just view the Game Engine Support and Discussion.

(wkk.py) #95

In that case, if you are interested in the “BGE Support and Discussion” there will be a place for that, and people coming from different engines will have the general one. UPBGE users will also be able to try and flex in the general subcategory, using an engine from a different time.

TBH I don’t really care, it is just from the reaction of most people here that I proposed this way of doing. Also with 40,000 threads worth of BGE I assumed that we could place that on the side with people still contributing to it. Want BGE content, look there. People focusing on the “Game Engine Support and Discussions” are already missing on support discussions happening in the WIP section anyway, for instance.

We could leave some time for more input I guess.

(Jason van Gumster) #96

Come to think of it, one thing that has always kind of nagged at my senses has been that support and discussion of the BGE have been bunched together in a single category. Personally, I would’ve preferred for game topics to be more integrated with the rest of the forum. So there’d be a Game Engine category in the Support section. Finished Games could sit alongside other projects in the Finished Projects category. Likewise for WIPs. Team Projects might be something suitable for the Jobs section, maybe. And Game Engine Resources could be its own Support category (or perhaps merged with the Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks category).

Granted, this is a somewhat radical idea, but why should the game-making community be cordoned off in a side section? Why not fold everyone in and have the passion of the game-making community feed into the Blender community at large (and vice versa)?

Of course, such a change would be pretty drastic and I’m not sure it’ll yield quite the results I expect, but since we’re bringing up the prospect of change, the idea is worth floating out there. What do folks think about it?

(billyzill) #97

Someone show this post to Ton asap!!!
(i agree.)

(BTolputt) #98

I’m not radically averse to this idea. The potential issue is a lot of posts that ask for support getting model X into engine Y… and it’s really not a Blender issue, but an engine one. As long as that is managed, seeing Blender used in games is just as exciting (to me at least) as any film or static shot.

(Jason van Gumster) #99

Agreed. Posts like that already exist to some extent in the Support categories. Their often posted (or moved to) either the Technical Support or Other Software categories.

(ethicalfive) #100

Just in case anyone was wondering, we added a bunch of other game engine support to the blender discord channels and theyve been dead compared to the bge channel. I think you’re grossly overestimating how much 3rd party game devs want to participate on this forum, after all, they have thier own fully fledged forums to discuss game development and ask about importing blend files in.

Even armory has its own fully fledged and active forums, I dont see them wanting to start a secondary, inferior one here.

Have you even asked these dev communities if they even want a section in of blender artist forums?

Maybe its time for the BGE to backup its content and move it offsite, given the new forum owners determination to label it “legacy” and dilute things.

What a community of BGE enthusiasts need are admin who are also enthusiasts, i dont see that here.

(Thomas Murphy) #101

Hey all!!!

I think this is a good forum to post that I am making a game in the Blender Game Engine!
I have been working on it for 4 years. I will be releasing it in about 8 months.

I know 2.8 Blender is the path forward. But the BGE is still viable of you use it correctly.

I welcome you to check out the website www.feral3d.com

Or the my twitter @tommerfy where I post regularly my progress om the game.

Long live BGE

Tom Murphy

(BluePrintRandom) #102

very nice, are you using something I made or your own solution?

I would very much like to talk shop some day.

(theoldguy) #103

Suddenly I feel like the last person at a party, the hosts are cleaning up, and dropping hints that it’s time to go home, The partys over.

(wkk.py) #104

These are ideas, it is not done yet.

Personally, out of every option proposed, I prefer the one where we tag with the engine, and open the forums for other tools that are Blender-based in some way. Nothing moves, scope just broadens.

This will unavoidably add some noise, but overall it will be good noise, as the BGE community is a very tight and solid bubble, I really feel like seeing other point of views and ways of making games would benefit people here.

(Liebranca) #105

Whoever wants to know about the quirks of another game engine can google it out and lurk it’s own dedicated board, so why exactly do they need a place to loiter around on this one?

The more I read into it, the less sense it makes.
I’m not here because I have questions about Panda3D, I mean for - sake. Maybe you’re just talking ideas like one would to pass time, likely you all are, I’d just rather not have you dillute the focus of the section out of boredom.

(BTolputt) #106

By that logic, given the BGE has been removed from the next version of Blender, and will remain so going forward, why keep the game engine threads at all? The forum is called BlenderArtists and we come here for Blender, which no longer includes the BGE, so why come to the forum at all?

Either we accept that the forums are reasonable to keep around because it’s useful for people that want to use Blender in some regard with a non-BF supported game engine… or we support the idea that removing the game engine forums entirely and allow those that wish to keep discussing a legacy engine get their own forum like other legacy engines have. I’m OK with either, as both are logically consistent.