What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

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Again, I don’t know where you saw BA administrators voicing the slightest intention to remove the threads.

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that’s not what i said, i said squash it all into a single forum, and time will make it irrelevant. The same way the topics about 2.79 will get less and less and slowly make their way to the bottom of the forum list. If they were to be purged 5 years from now i doubt people will miss them much, the same way when you bump into a problem with a solution in 2.4x you go “urgh old stuff… why is this turning up in google?!. none of it applies anymore”

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I’m in favour of Fweeb’s suggestion to merge the threads in with the other general support / discussion forums. Once again, this is a forum for Blender Artists, something that is especially relevant given that the game engine has been removed from Blender & will remain so for the foreseeable future.

I do understand some of the angst from those still using the BGE, despite it’s official discontinued support. They have been gathering here for a while and had a little corner to themselves… but having considered Fweeb’s posts from earlier, I am leaning towards’s LazyDodo’s view. Game engine specifics need a game engine specific forum. Modelling, texturing, and even shading issues are general to Blender and, should there be an issue fixed in a later version of Blender, the solution is going to be upgrade not “Oh, you’re using BGE, let me reinvent the wheel to cater for your self-imposed restrictions”. BGE specific help is no longer a Blender issue. It’s about a feature that the Blender will no longer have and the devs are showing no interest in putting back into place.

It sucks, I get that and sympathise, but the issue here isn’t whether BF should have kept the feature but whether BA should provide special support for a feature that Blender has left behind.

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That’s not quite true. Modelling, yes, but texturing and shading can be different between BGE and Cycles. I had a hard time recently finding out how to put multiple textures on a single mesh because I kept getting Cycles Google results.

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For what it’s worth, I consider “texturing” to be the process of creating textures (uv-mapping, painting, baking). Assigning those multiple textures to a given multi-texture shader though, I’ll grant is a shading issue that can differ between engines.

Generally that issue is solved, however, by there being specific instructions for the engine on how to assign shaders/textures to objects on a website/forum/reddit dedicated to the engine rather than one dedicated to the 3DCC software.

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we are still developing upbge
here are the release notes from the build that just dropped.

it’s still growing and is based on blender sources,

we are looking at going to logic nodes next release,
and PBR and hardware armature skinning are some of the targets,
(also a mesh editing API)

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No-one is saying otherwise. There are forks of many engines still being developed and those engine forks tend to get their own website, community, forums, etc. As long as BlenderArtists is giving you special acknowledgement over other engines - that implies a status to the engine that no longer exists.

Fairness implies that we either grant all other open-source engines that Blender can be used to provide content for their own forums OR we move the BGE/UPBGE forums/threads into the general support we consider reasonable for other destinations of Blender content.

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it has blender built into it, and uses a workflow tightly coupled with blender,

we have tools on the way in game that could mimic the viewport,
this way we can add ‘interactive mode’ basically to upbge :smiley:

(call BPY and BGE operations at the same time on the two sets of data and arrive at the same point)

Tristan added BVHTree.from_KX_Mesh() which accelerates sculpting and painting,
and PBR should be along pretty soon.

With https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-Exporter exporter we could use bge as a content creation tool that can link into other engines*

it’s a suite of tools that is a game engine, just like blender is a suite of tools that is a animaiton program.

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All of which implies that it should get it’s own forums rather than use BlenderArtists.

The Blender Foundation no longer develops, supports, or has any input to UPBGE. The next version of Blender will not have the UPBGE in it’s codebase. If one wants to use UPBGE, you cannot get it from the Blender website & mirrors, you need to specifically search out UPBGE’s specific repository and binary downloads.

I’m glad you think UPBGE has a future. I wish you, it’s developers, and it’s users all the best. This thread is not about that. This thread is about what to do with the forums now that the BGE is no longer supported, maintained, or included in the next (& subsequent) versions of Blender.

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that is like saying blender 2.8 should have it’s own website.

we were born here, grew up here, bring traffic here, and all support the blender ecosystem in general.

this is our forum just like it’s yours.

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Nobody is arguing that UPBGE is not getting developed, but as much as you want to make it sound like (UP)BGE is still part of blender, it is not and won’t be for the foreseeable future.

The argument i made is that upbge is trying to benefit from exposure, free forum and moderation services which are benefits currently not extended to other forks like bforartists or even the fracture modifier guys who all have to do with pretty much a single thread on here. If that is something we as a community decide we want to do on BA, great!, but UPBGE should be not be the sole beneficiary here.

on top of that i made the argument that the current ‘legacy BGE’ content can be merged into a single forum given with the removal in 2.80 less and less people will use it, (and it’s usage will may die out over time, who knows, note I mean legacy BGE here, not UPBGE) so having 5 separate forums is overkill. The single forum would still have the content available for years to come in case people do choose to work with the legacy game engine and run into issues that may have occurred in the past.

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I think longterm it’s the idea to merge with 2.8 sources
(part of why we move to logic nodes is to avoid having any old drawing code)

(even if it means us rebasing upbge on 2.8 rather then ton taking the engine back someday)

btw BGE / works using EEVEE and the dependency graph.

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Cursing and name calling is no way to have a reasonable argument, sure we might not agree on how we see things, but there is no need for these kinds of things.

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No. Blender 2.8 is the next official Blender version. This is a website for Blender & Blender Artists. UPBGE is, by it’s own description, is a fork of Blender. There are other forks of Blender out there that started in the Blender community but do not get their own dedicated forum. The same principle applies here.

No-one is stating you are not part of the community. I’d debate you’re bringing much in the way of traffic here and I’d seriously question the level of support to the ecosystem. However, even if you were bringing in a hundred users a day and were a corporate level sponsor of Blender development - that shouldn’t grant you special treatment. Steam and Epic dumped more dough that your entire forum has on the Blender Foundation that was (ostensibly) used for Blender development. They don’t get special treatment either.

I am glad you’re part of the community. I’m glad other game developers using other engines are part of the community too. I think you all deserve the same level of respect - no special treatment, no extra benefits. You’d be ticked off if Epic’s donation to the Blender Foundation got them their own forums and you were not given one. Same principle applies in reverse.

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Blender does not pay for this website, traffic does and dev funds for this site,

we are part of the website, just as you are and there are 1000s of us.

10s and 100’s more every day actually ( it’s getting renewed interest from things like Krum)

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I am a part of this website too. I don’t get my own forum for my favourite Blender forks. I don’t get the benefits of other people moderating my own forum for my favourite game engines using Blender. I don’t have a special forum dedicated to my current interest in sculpting 3d miniatures either.

No-one is saying you’re not part of the Blender community. No-one is saying that Blender “pays for” the website. No-one is saying you have to bugger off. They are saying that no-one and no unofficial software should get special treatment. That means no special forums just for BGE/UPBGE, no free moderation duties just for BGE/UPBGE, no special considerations not given to other game engines (opensource or otherwise) that might be used by Blender artists.

If you absolutely, positively must have a space all to yourself - there are free services offered elsewhere you can take advantage of. Just like everyone else. Blender Artists is for Blender artists and artistry. Godot doesn’t get a special forum to itself here, Epic doesn’t get one for Unreal, UPBGE shouldn’t either.


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