What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?


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If you have questions about sculpting, there is a reserved place to ask your questions.
If I have a question about the quirks of the BGE, I have a place to ask too.
Why should that place be here? Because Blender itself spawned the monster.

We have one page for both support and general discussion.
Then another four pages for resources and projects, but not like it’s a priviledge or something,
it’s just there for the sake of orderliness. Those could be modified/rolled together in some way.
But this support section, if you contribute to it’s removal, you’re doing the community a disservice.

To say we get special treatment is a travesty.
To act as if BGE wasn’t built by BF to be a part of Blender, is wilfully ignorant and blatantly stupid.

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I understand the frustration, but language :wink:

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I see this thread is getting very heated. BGE is getting removed, however, there are other game engines supported in Blender 2.8, this includes Armory and BDX where you work directly inside the blender environment to make your games, so its not like Game Development for blender is going to die.

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Gotcha. Post was quoted a couple of times before the edit though.

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And Blender no longer takes responsibility for it. More importantly, this forum isn’t run by the Blender Foundation. You do realise that right? Blender Artists is not the entity responsible for Ton’s decision to include and then remove the BGE, so they are not responsible for the fallout.

It is indeed a travesty. It is also fact. Godot does not get it’s own forum here. Neither does Unreal, CryEngine, CrystalSpace, Source, Panda3d, Torque, Unity, Urho3D, jMonkey3, Ogre3D, etc. The BGE currently does. Whether or not you think it’s justified, that is special treatment other graphics/game engines do not get.

I’m not acting that way. I’m just not wilfully ignoring the fact that the BGE was removed from Blender nor being so blatantly stupid as to claim that it hasn’t got special treatment over other game engines on this site.

BlenderArtists is not responsible for the decision to include or remove BGE from Blender, so they are not required to expend effort on your behalf for that decision. If they see it as reasonable to treat the BGE as just another open-source game engine in which Blender content can be used - they have that right.


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(Liebranca) #154

Fair enough, play twisted semantics if you will.

Before I leave, one thing I forgot: this is mainly a support page. That’s all.
Look through the threads – it’s mostly people asking questions about the engine.
Where’s the benefit in keeping up with the so-called special treatment?

Well, having us around, to keep helping people who are still working with BGE.
All in all, if we really are getting special treatment, it’s not like we don’t contribute anything to the forum, as to not deserve some minimum of recognition for our efforts. People can still get support for an older version of Blender precisely because we have this section, so there’s value in it.

But if you’re just not willing to see that, then fine, have it your way. I’m tired of this.

(BTolputt) #155

You wanted to play grammar nazi. It’s not my fault you went off half-cocked. No-one asked you to police the definition of words we use here, so you have only yourself to blame when you are wrong about them.

That’s of help to you. Not the the wider forum & it’s community. Blender moves forward and the community moves forward with it in order to take advantage of what the new versions provide. In order to “take advantage” of the BGE, people have to forgo the improvements to Blender or treat it as simply another engine into which they import resources… just like all the other engines that don’t get their own dedicated forum.

You might recall that I was suggesting that those engines get their own sub-forums too. Fweeb, correctly on reflection, stated that was not really a workable/wise solution. Instead, the forum was willing to simply have you share your forums with the rest of the game engine users without special treatment. This seems a reasonable compromise. You’re not being told to bugger off, only to share the forums with other engines, and the users of other game engines are not discouraged by the fact BGE gets special treatment and their choice gets nothing.

(LazyDodo) #156

Given the amount of twisting of things said, i’ll once more re-iterate my position as clear as i can make it, however do realize i’ts just MY opinion and I don’t have any more influence with the people running BA than you do, so no need to freak out because this one guy is disagreeing with you. I’m just one guy with an opinion… relax…

  1. Any issues with ‘other engines’ are most likely going to be limited to IO (mesh/rigs/textures) and can be handled in the current support forums. Any questions about actual game development with said engines is already done in existing communities for most engines.

  2. Having 5 separate forums for BGE seems excessive given BGE will be removed in the next version of blender, no need to scatter this content over all other existing forums, just merge it all into a single ‘Legacy BGE’ forum with a sticky that BGE got removed, and this forum is still here for people who need help with old versions. Perhaps give some links to other free/opensource engines in said sticky.

  3. Other forks have no dedicated forums with moderation services for them (moderation is clearly needed given how passionate some of the UPBGE people seem to be) , if we as a community want to give bigger exposure to forks, great! some of them really deserve it but UPBGE should not be the sole beneficiary.

(Liebranca) #157

In all honesty, I pointed out in which sense I used the word because you resorted to another definition.
It’s not a matter of battering my ego against yours. So stop the word-twisting already.

As for everything else, we’ve made our case, now we’re just repeating things over.

For a final note, if there is an actual influx of people who’d really benefit from having the support page accomodate their needs as well, I don’t think it’d be unreasonable to make that compromise.
Being orderly with too many engines on one page will take some work. But if people are willing to do it then what the heck, I’ll be alright either way. It’s trying to accomodate a community that appears to be absent, and attacking one that has been active for a while, that I totally don’t get.

I’d say the important thing is not to discontinue support (not this early on, at least) – this is one way to go about it I guess. Not my first choice, but hey, I can somewhat agree with this point at least.

(jesusmora) #159

just one thing: why remove the game engine forums? the bf said they are developing a new “interactive” mode.

i don’t know if i care that the forums are scattered around or left as they are, but they should not be removed. games are art, just like sculpture and animation. i think the bge forums should stay at least until the new interactive mode comes out, and then see what is done with it.

it’s too early to decide anyways, the FINAL version of blender, the one that CAN BE USED SERIOUSLY is 2.79, not 2.8, 2.8 is an incomplete-work-in-progress version, and 2.79 happens to have bge in it.

(Jason van Gumster) #160

Wow. Seems a lot of posts have been thrown in here since I made my proposal. Yes, I have read all of them and I’ve flagged and hidden any that were off-topic or inappropriate.

I have a few comments:

  • No one is talking about removing anything. My proposal is about moving things around and re-organizing. All of the posts that are currently on this site will remain on this site.
  • I’d be interested in seeing some traffic numbers in the current Game Engine categories, compared to other parts of the site. I don’t currently have access to that information, but I can say that neither ‘bge’ nor ‘upbge’ show in the top 50 search terms used here.
  • No official action will be taken until after the release of Blender 2.80. Doing any kind of forum reorganizing prior to that would be premature.
  • It’s true that this site is not affiliated with the Blender Foundation or the Blender Institute. We’re independent. So that means we’re not obligated to change the forums just because Blender itself changes. But that doesn’t mean that staying the same is the right call, either.

Right now, I’d say that eventually integrating most of the categories with the rest of the forum feels like the right move, as described here. Nothing is set in stone, though.

I’d be happy to discuss specific points (like where we might place the Team Projects category or whether Game Engine Resources should remain separate). But let’s please stay on topic.