What's happening to this forum group now that the BGE is out of Blender?

(TheDave) #161

I’ve found that if I search “bge + [search term]” in Google, then I’ll get a Stack Overflow answer. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because BGE has a tag on Stack Overflow, but “bge” is not actually in the support threads here. If I want a Blenderartists answer then I need to do “site:blenderartists.org” (which will often get me the result I want). You could say that would be a nice side effect of having tags is that it’ll start directing Google results here.

(Liebranca) #162

What still confuses me is having game development threads in sections where you wouldn’t expect them to be, like artwork. It’s misleading. There’s always some overlap between categories but that only goes to an extent.

But then there are threads in Game Engine Support, that are actually asking for help with something that’s actually a Blender issue, not an engine issue… just like there are some other threads asking python questions that aren’t related to the BGE API or posts in team projects were (or where? I’m lost) someone is asking for people to come work with them on a Unity project.

Not sure if this has been said already, I think one thing to do is sort out the threads that will only ever make sense in the context of the BGE from those that fit better in other categories, and then from there see what can be kept separate, as once the section is truly, exclusively about the engine, what can be moved where/rolled together with should become a lot more clear.

It is a lot of work though. But if marking a thread for this purpose isn’t too complex then I guess the lot of us could help.

(Jason van Gumster) #163

I’ve always considered game development to qualify as an artform. Sure, game projects could probably make sense in the Coding section, but I personally wouldn’t prefer to see them there.

Threads like the ones you’re describing should be flagged now and reported to the moderation team so we can move them to the proper category. We can’t be everywhere all the time, so we really do rely on the community to report when things are out of place.

I’m definitely willing to do the work of making sure the correct threads get placed in the correct categories.

(Liebranca) #164

And I second that, it’s just that the artform status is still questioned. Having games together with artwork does grant them said status in a sense and I like the idea personally – what I’m not so sure about is whether it’ll be easier for others to find. I could be wrong though, and it might just make a lot of projects more visible. I’d have no complaints if that were the case.

So if an out of place thread pops up all we have to do is flag it, no extra steps? Why, that’s easy.

(Jason van Gumster) #165

Yup. Just flag it. I’d prefer that you use the “Something Else” flag type and give us an indication of which category you think the thread would fit better in. The moderation team will handle it from there.

(BTolputt) #166

And in the interests of fairness, you were incorrect to criticise me as you did for my correct use of the word. “It’s okay not to know what a word means but hey, at least google it” - your words. I knew what it meant and used it accordingly.

Doubling down on it each post, trying to achieve through belligerence what the dictionary definition couldn’t achieve for you isn’t going to change that.

I would say the same in reverse. Without an influx of people coming here for the BGE, and the Blender Artist administrators wanting this site to be for that game engine, I don’t think it unreasonable to change the forums to match the situation as it stands - namely that BGE/UPBGE are no longer official parts of Blender. A forum for Blender therefore is not required to give users of those engines special status or privileges not granted the dozens of other game engines Blender can be used with.

(BluePrintRandom) #167

BTolputt does nor use, nor is he any good with blender game engine,

I think that he lacks empathy at all for us,

Blender artists, is where people who use blender game engine congregate,
we are part of this forum, and have paid to be here with millions of website hits.

we are part of this forum.

go do your own thing?
why don’t you remove yourself?

you don’t have a single WIP thread, or a finished project…

what do you do here besides try and talk smack / try and have bge removed?

who pays you?

(BTolputt) #168

You are correct. I don’t use the BGE. The lack of performance, needed functionality, and developer support had me rule it out quite some time ago. Which is why I use two other engines for my interactive projects involving Blender.

You are incorrect that I lack empathy. I feel sorry for those that believe that they are losing their online home. My empathy for them is balanced by the knowledge that, should they choose to do so, they can make an online home all of their own and is tempered by the knowledge that BlenderArtists does not owe anything to BGE, no matter what it’s users think.

I comment on a wide variety of things, read a wider variety, and this thread popped up as a suggested thread for me to read at the bottom of another I was reading. If you don’t like that, complain some more to BlenderArtists about the features they’re offering for free - it was one of them that brought this thread to my attention.

Oh, and you really need to cut the “who pays you” nonsense. Not because I have an issue with it (no-one pays me for my commentary here); but because the more you delve into & insinuate conspiracy nonsense - the less credible and worthwhile your opinion comes across. It’s the equivalent of the old crazy guy on the corner ranting about the Illuminati seeking to end the world - sooner or later, everyone tunes out.

Be well, BPR.

(BluePrintRandom) #169

so you are just very passionate about removing a forum section in a engine you don’t use…
that does not effect you whatsoever.


(BTolputt) #170

It bears mentioning - I’m not the subject of this conversation. That would be rational, defendable reasons for changing or leaving the forums as they are given the BGE is no longer being developed, maintained, or supported by the Blender Foundation. Flattered as I am, perhaps returning to that subject might help your cause better than trying to make me the issue.

Be well, BPR.

(FinalBarrage) #171

Enough, stop with the negativity. Blenderartists will never remove the “Game Development” section from the forums, ever.

If anything, we’ll just change it. Game development for blender will always be a thing, be it with a blender supported game engine like Armory, or an external engine like Unity or Unreal. Therefore there will always be a place for game development. It will likely change, due to the removal of BGE, but it wont be removed without a replacement.

Let me reinstate this:

(FinalBarrage) #172


Nothing will be removed. We’re just adapting.

(FinalBarrage) #174

Also i would like to bring this up. I dont recall where i heard this, i think it was in a long presentation several months, or years ago, but the Blender Game Engine was developed by a single person. And he left the team suddenly. There was noone to pick up where he left, so it slowly just faded out.

(Daedalus_MDW) #175

i dont want to see the game threads scattered about the place. i rather enjoy clicking on the game section and seeing all game stuff right there.

(FinalBarrage) #176

I am sure everything related to game development will remain in one category.

(wkk.py) #177

Off topic, but the project has since been continued by the UPBGE team, not a lot of people either, but still continued development. Discussions happened to merge the fork back, but it would have somewhat compromised the track on which Blender was going with 2.8, and the will of getting rid of this ancient piece of technology that is the BGE, in order to start fresh. Issue in my opinion is that we trade something for nothing (that could become a thing as long as someone actually works on a replacement). Anyway, that’s a discussion for some other thread.

+1, also, while game making is art, game making on the BGE is a technical feat on its own. So I like having all in one place because it is rather technical, in the same way there is a Coding section. (I guess code can be seen as art too, :p)

On the other hand, why not doing both? Keeping that Game Engine up, and adding new categories for other artsy people working on games?

No move, only new channels with new scopes? I would prefer that.

(wkk.py) #178

Also, I would like to stress out that the BGE community is really deeply rooted on these forums. As far as I remember, the brightests and most active users always have been on BA. There have been contests with rewards going on. Never saw that elsewhere. So this is why I like to keep things as they are. It is not because they remove a feature from the software that the people will disappear.

Just look at UPBGE, there aren’t forums for it. Everyone sticked with BA because that is the place where it all happened. We are still based on Blender, just an offtrack now, after more than 16 years. It would be a disaster to simply throw that away.

The good thing is that it is not going away :slight_smile:

Personally I would prefer to keep the section, maybe mark it as Legacy to understand that this is not a part of Blender anymore, although it is part of its history, now a fork (that again, wouldn’t have any other place to go to).

But the idea of adding new categories to the other sections, with a focus on game development is a great idea and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be done, even without this move talk.

(BluePrintRandom) #179


(wkk.py) #180

@Fweeb I know it doesn’t answer your question of “move or not”.

So I would say that I am for the categories focused on game making in the other sections, but as new categories. I vote for leaving the Game Engine channel as is, if not rename it Game Engine - Legacy or Game Engine - Fork, to make it clear, if even needed…

So I guess people could try to focus on answering the same question from @Fweeb: To move? Or not to move?

Me: please no, just add new stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(BluePrintRandom) #181

please no move

+1 for not doing that

just add new stuff