What's in YOUR name?

Hey, guys. I was wondering and thought that this would be an interesting thread. What does your screen-name mean? What is avatar all about?
Mine? Well, I like high-tech, you might say I’m a “techno-progressivist”. And 9-29 is my birthday. My avatar is just something I made in WinPaint because I wanted an avatar :stuck_out_tongue: .

Japanese lopster = Ropsta :smiley:

Me avatar is teh first fully complete, fully textured model I ever made.

kbot - don’t ask me how i strung those letters together 'cause I don’t know. I’m still deciding on my avatar. //** This is an awesome post by the way!

AD-Edge was something i came up with a few years ago as my online internet name. Like Neo (Mr Anderson) in the matrix. So I produce animations under the ‘company’ name Diamond Edge Productions (thats where the D-Edge bit comes from).

And my real name also fits in it since my first name is Alex and my last name starts with a D. So again thats where the AD Bit comes from. The D is kinda used twice.

Confusing i know, it always sucks when people ask me to explain it. :spin:

And my Avatar is just my logo thingy, it explains itself pretty easy.

And my 2008 still image for AD-Edge Productions. :cool:

Might do a new animated one for 2008 to.

Laurifer means triumphant in Latin. My avatar is the one and only Groucho Marx! taps cigar


Otto Riis came from my german teacher who gave us all german names in his class, but there was no equivilant for ‘Brian’ so he gave me ‘Otto’, and ‘Riis’ is just a cool last name (I think so) that some guy had during the early 1900’s.
Avatar is one of my favorite earlier blender projects.

My name is to represent my interest in Dragons and technology.

I very well could’ve declare myself a Dragon on these forums when I first re-registered on this site, but I was kind of fearful of letting it out. The rise of Super-Wu gave me a good opportunity for that.

mines simple, i always render in HD :smiley:

Well, um, er, ah… :spin: Yeah.

Are you inpi?

Mmph! is the sound I make when I open my bills.

My avitar is an ancient Chinese proverb which translates into Mmph!

Don’t know. Just made the name up randomly.

The avatar is a picture of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Yes, it was made in Blender, and yes, I modeled and textured it myself.

I’m also making a Dalek. When its finished I might change my avatar to be my Dalek.

My name is Kuldeep Kumar Rawal. My id is kkrawal k=1st inial, k=2nd initial and rawal is surname. My avtar is 1st created in makehuman and modified with different shape keys in Blender.

i think mack is a type of a truck or something so…yea i couldnt think of anything

and i was just playing with particle emitters for my avatar, mebbe ill make a new one with the new particles :smiley: !

Well my Name is Enrique. Enriq and olonius comes from my east coast brother Appolonius I think he made his up I am not sure… You can google Appolonius!

Slang for gun. Easy to remember.

There’s a three letter slang word for a word that’s only 3 letters in the first place?:rolleyes:

Well…my name is Nick, I do Techy things…and Im a guy! As for the avatar I like Mario (even have a 1up tattoo) and so I did a dr.mario version of me


(This is what I send to everyone who asks)

My email address originated when I made up the name “Randomation”, thinking it would be a cool company name. It must have been, since the email address had been taken. I made the email address “randomation2”, and then added “blend” since I was interested in blender. " [email protected]" was my email address, and I thought that was kinda cool. I tried to sign up for a forum with the name Randomation, but the account got messed up. I signed up again as a shortened version of my email address. The name was R2Blend. Later, I changed it to R2Bl3nd as a reflection of 1337 sp34k. I made an email address that I still have to this day. My name on the website is now “Arr Matey!!”, because I liked the sound of it. But now I have that email address.

Again, this is just an unedited version of what I send to everyone.

My avatar is just some mario sprites I put together in mspaint.

My name is Quintan Neville and the avatar is my first car model ever.