What's in your username?

Since this is the ‘Off-topic Chat’ section, I thought I might let people talk about what their blenderartists username means.

I’ll start us off:

My name (renderrednelb) is just blender render backwards.

Ok, sounds pretty cool…
Link = Favourite video game character of all time
x = makes it look cool
g = guy
l = my name Luca


Pronounce it:

It used to be Linkxguy, but I just decided to add my name at the end

Doggie B. is an alternative version of a nickname my friends use. They call me “hondje” (dutch word for dog), cuz I’m always excited and full of energy (and my back name looks like the dutch word for dog). The B. stands for the first letter of my first name.

Rolik-short for Rolick meaning play- backwards Klori

ine- mix it up and you get:nei- an icelandic term for no


No play

Hey, cool reading the Xplanations.

@Klorine…I always thought “Chlorine” the chemical. Haha…now I know. But the bummer is I was going to ask you to “come out and play.” hahahhaa

My name should be separated…Mental Khandr…but I screwed it up when I logged on. I got it from Second Life. I tried different names but they all were taken so I typed Mental and it worked. The last name is from a list that they have you chose from. So my name aint as cool and special as ya’lls.
But if it wasn’t for Second Life I would probably never have found Blender and started down the path of 3d.

I could add,

Mental = I think too much.
Khandr = Candor (from the dictionary)the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness: …I try being that way as much as possible

Just a mess around of the letters in my first and middle name.


Plus it sounded funny, especially since the most birds we have here are blue jays and cardinals.

There’s a capital S in my username. As well as an a, n, d, r, e and w.

It’s first appearance was in 2003, when a drunk Brit tried to pronounce my name. At the time I found it hilareous enough to adapt it as my username, and I still use it to this day, though Dick is slowly starting to replace Sandrew in online games. Many people think I misspelled Sandshrew and that I like pokemon, but I don’t really like pokemon. Nor did I misspell Sandshrew.

I think that’s all I can say about my username.

This was my Starwars: Battlefront username because I thought it would be funny to have a freakfrog with a bunch of "SnIpErKiLlErZ"s and "NOOBPWNZ"s

my name, spacetug, is about the boringest name ever…
the reason, is a long time ago, my dad bought the domain spacetug.com, in hopes that it might be valuable someday.
i kinda doubt it will be, though.
but, it’s short, simple, and sounds cool.

My love for technology and especially my love of Dragons.

Cyborg - love of cool and cutting edge technologies
Dragon - love for Dragons (part of it could be the fact I’m a Dragon myself as well)

I’m becoming adept at blending however my hair color becomes evident when trying to implement the more complex tools.

My name is a large bundle of uncreativity.
And a question mark.

Shnitzel Killer. Because I eat schnitzels and kill them in the process.

The Bigfoot. Because my shoe size was size thirteen when I was five-feet tall, and everyone called me bigfoot.

Moonflower- a relative of the morning glory. I have other reasons behind the name, but I’ll keep those to myself (and those who REALLY want to know. :D)

I really really really really want to know :smiley:

@Moonflower…sheesh,your asking for trouble with that post…:evilgrin:…because with my name,Mental,(( I think too much)) and now you have my imagination working overtime.

So I have to guess now…
Moon,as in moon someone,as in ass.
Flower,as in tattoo.

So you have a flower tattooed on your ass.

You can slap me now…:o

Mad Hatteur, same as my Xbox live gamertag, so if you want to play some team swat or make some costom maps with mah budz just send me a msg. Anyway… Mad Hatteur, Mad being crazy, Hattuer being an old-fashioned spellingythingy. The term originally comes from people who used to make hats out of beaver pelts etc, they used mercury to do something to the pelts and eventually went crazy. Therefore you get Mad Hatter. Also seen in the drugged up disney film, “Alice In Wonderland”. Same with my signature, White Rabbit the song.


Mine’s boring but hey…

azure, kind-of-a sky blue was my favorite color.

infinity, because of a thesis paper I was writing at the time regarding the age of the universe using zero-point-field theory.

Blue’s not my favorite color anymore and ZPF is bunk. But ya know that was 11 years ago when I became a web presence. I’ve been using that name ever since. On everything, 'cuz I’m old and it’s easy to remember. What really freaks me out is that googling that name returns a bunch of anime stuff now. I know nothing about anime and wonder how my 11 year old web name is received by anime addicts!?!

It’s funny because that same year, I released my first 3D model, a 1969 Pontiac GTO for Need For Speed III. I was robbed because as a public domain model, EA used it for their NFS 5 motor city game (which sucked) and I got no credit. I knew it was mine because it had my overlapping face flaws on the rear quarter of the car. If I only had Blender back then!

Ah well.

It’s boring but another few years I might be a historical monument.

What defines an antique in cyber-space?

I dropped my friends guitar and the input jack shattered