What's left for Blender?

I was just looking at the information regarding the new mesh editing modes. Might I note that I’m thoroughly impressed, and excited; as far as I could tell, the inability to select via faces was the only reason I had to seriously consider using wings3d (which was very frustrating to use with all its mouse menus, so I eventually gave up on it).
But I admit that I don’t have the greatest amount of experience in 3d modeling programs outside of Blender. What aspects are left?

The mesh editing shortages made me also think twice about starting to use Blender. I was going to resorted to a cheap commercial modeller. I cant wait to get my hands on the improved mesh modelling tools :smiley:

If you had to choose only one app then blender wins. I’m modelling to bay raitt’s time compressed video which I uncompressed to one hour length and doing the same monster model in wings and blender. They look about the same. I feel I got more vertex level control in blender. I can make bigger mistakes in my modelling and fix them easier in blender than in wings.

Some things I noticed in wings that I have to see if blender does them. The extrude region and edge loop sliding are such two features that I find in need when I model. With extrude region, you can extrude multiple faces in same direction so they won’t split up and cause spikes or be treated as separate faces during the extrusion. Sliding an edge loop along length of model part allows you to slide the edge loop along arbitrary axis defined by the orientation of the model part. So the edge loop doesn’t shift its position sideways as you’re moving it along the model’s part. So you don’t have to first orient the model part vertically for example then move the verts in Y-direction then rotate the part back where it was before.

Blender has lathe, path extrusion, multiframes, lattice, curves, etc. all those other nifty modelling tools missing in wings. It has texture vertex manipulation in uvmap view which wings doesn’t to my knowledge. I still have to read the whole wing’s manual so maybe there is some hotkey that allows this. The menu options don’t.

I still have to figure out how to mimick wing’s mirror modelling in blender. I can do it in blender but I can’t merge the collinear verts of both parts so when I’m manipulating chest of a character I get a gap in the middle of his chest. I need to weld those verts but I have to join the two objects together then I can weld them. After that I loose the mirroring mechanism. Will have to google for this I guess.

as far as I can tell there isn’t a way to weld the two sides and still retain mirror functionality.

If you mean lofting that’s still missing. The workaround is to use the bevelob feature with the curves and convert to mesh.

Surface curves can be joined ( lofted ) to create a surface. Must use Surface Curves though, not regular ones. And they need to have the same number of control points.

blender needs a bridge tool. this is pretty handy.

bridge tool?

You can make holes with bridge tool. The only thing to remember is that both surfaces that you want to eliminate must have the same number of verts. The faces don’t need to be perfectly parallel to each other. Say you have a cube and you pick two opposide sides which you then inset a bit. Choose the middle faces and do bridge op. The cube will be hollow like a pipe. Less faces generated than with csg I think. Bridge is a poor man’s csg system :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that the bridge command also allows you to join two meshes together by forming new polygons where the gap is.

One addition to blender if not already included would be to have an option to see all “unassigned” vertices when you’re skinning. Plus, the ability to move verts along edges and have all those nifty wings3d advanced menu commands.

there is a script doing the bridge thing. it’s a mesh script, called “Skin two vert loops/…”. works fine, it’s just placed “bad” - as long as i can’t assign a shortcut to it i’m faster doing this manually.

Are you aware that you can get the new builds at http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=viewforum&f=18 ?

Hm… I just thought of a couple things that Blender still needs:

  • a good constraints system
  • a physics system outside of the game engine

well blender already has NURBS, but they could still use a lot of work.

oh yes they could use a hell of new work.

for today they nurbs is degraded to a construction aid like in c4d.

but there is:

i have no clue about how easy it is to include this tools but at least like amapi is based on open nurbs as well it works pretty amazing.

for character modeling like in maya nurbs is good when you have projected curves and a construction history as well. but also for industrial design this tools can help creating shapes which are tricky with subdiv anyway.


I know it comes with 2.34 but it doesn’t work, :frowning:

Call me crazy, but when I am moving vertices around (and my mesh is sub-surfed) - I often want to see bezier-handles coming from the vertex so that I can curve the edge and have the mesh curve ! ! !

Go on - you know you want it too.

Oh yeah, and I also want physics in Blender.
Game developer <–talk-to–> Blender developers.


I’d like particle systems to work with armatures. And to have particles that don’t look like halos, just little dots.

How about being able to extrude more sections on the ends of a lattice.

I hate running out of lattice - it ruins the salad!

there is a physics script for meshes in blender.
search the forum for Bloded.