what's making baking in blender cycle go faster cpu/gpu/ram or what

i will buy a pc just for baking so i want to know what component should i care more? for example in blender cycle render the most important thing is high gpu that’s make it faster if that more advanced so are baking the same are that calculated baking on the cpu or gpu or wht and if upgraded my ram with the same cpu and gpu that will make it faster or what ?

Ram - allows you to store higher res textures, does not impact rendering speed.

GPU / CPU – Have a look at general benchmarks for these… They are directly related to baking as well. Our current purchasing policy is buy a low-mid range cpu with a high tier GPU (GTX 1080). CPU does make operating big scenes faster but gpu will effect viewport performance & gpu rendering speeds.

In all, its a balance of three.

thanks for your reply mr.doublebishop so are that mean a advanced gpu baking faster than advanced cpu ?

Afaik baking in blender with a GPU is still very volatile. Having a beefier CPU will definitely help out if you’re going to be doing a lot of it.

Either you buy a $€1000 CPU with $€300 gpu OR you buy a $€300 CPU with $€1000 gpu.

32GB of RAM is recommended if baking smoke/fluids and so on.