What's making BGE slow?

I recently bought a cheapo video card ($20) and upgraded to blender 2.46. I was hoping that these would help make the BGE run faster on my pc but it made it run so slow that i can really only play games in wireframe! Which would you expect is the problem? 2.46? Or my new video card? (PS sorry if this is in the wrong forum, kind of in a rush!)

I bet your new graphic card doesn’t run OpenGL very well. Remember when you buy a graphics card, make sure it has good OpenGL support. Many graphics cards focus on DirectX, rather than OpenGL.

Blender runs off of OpenGL. If your graphics card only helps DirectX, it won’t help blender.

Try User Preferences -> System and OpenGL and turning off Vertex Arrays. I think that was one solution. Some people have issues with Blender 2.46 running slower. I would think most cards purchased now a days would have adequate OpenGL support. Then again, it was $20. =/

I recommend getting a GLSL video card. Sure it’ll cost more but it’s well worth the price.

Did you make sure to upgrade your graphics driver with the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website? Also, you didn’t tell us anything about the graphics card, so we won’t really be able to know if that’s the problem. Who made it, what chipset is it using, how much memory?