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Im having difficulty attaching my .blend

Ive done the basics in game engine. I have a character who can move across a terrain with WSAD to jog using Shift and ctrl to run and walk.

In well built games, the logic bricks are a lot more than the simple thing I did (eg. thumb and yo frankie…)
I want to learn why their logic bricks are so much and how to make my own… Is there any one who can help or point me to a more advanced tutorial… Thanks

Big, ‘proper’ games would use Python and script the games mechanics. Very little Logic Bricks would be used. There is a GE Python tutorial on Blender Cookie and there are a few on YouTube and Vimeo.

You could join a team project in team projects forum and learn.

Python is the way to go for complex games. When you have 10+ logic bricks on the same object, debugging is really really hard.
In a script this is much easier as any problems get reported to you in the console, or can be checked with the “print” functions.

Otherwise yes, joining a team project is a good way to get experience. Just pick one you think will be finished.

I’m glad to have had some python experience, thanks to this forum. Personally, debugging a python script is much easier than logic bricks, but logic bricks is now making much more sense after I read monster’s guide. I will join one of the projects (hope I pick a good one)
Oh! I will use a Finite State Automation for my character, that should give me a good mix of both logic and python… Thanks Lots
NB Prof Monster please keep writing…