What's on your desk?

I’ll go first:

My Compaq Armada M700 notebook
An optical mouse that I got at InfoSec World from the VeriSign booth
A stack of books: a Bible, the Essential Blender (as I’m still trying to learn it), and the Adobe Flash CS3 Professional manual (refresher)
Bookends with more books: History of Native Peoples, some textbooks
A sculpture of a Lakhota Indian
A tin with loud colored daisies on it holding pencils and pens
2 sticky note pads
A sunglasses case
A stack of magazines: InformationWeek, Networkworld, etc. (I’m not a geek, am I?)
A coffee cup (go figure!)
A clock running 10 minutes slow

What about you?

A pencil.
A computer,
moniter, speakers, two mice (mouses?)
a vacuum piece (don’t ask),
a cup of tea,
Battlefield 2,
and a big ol box o Cheez-Its :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s a desk, I guess it’s a computer stand. Does that Count? Anyway the list is like this.
2 Pairs of Headphones
1 Camcorder battery Charger
1 TV Remote
1 Tape Measurer
2 Dictionaries
1 Pocket Calendar Thingy :confused:
1 Container of Blank DVD’s
1 Calculator
1 Driver’s Manual (Yeah I know that it’s strange)
1 Router Installation CD
1 Rubbermaid Plastic Lid
2 Notebooks (Paper, not Electric)
Lots of paper (Line And Graph)
Several Sticky Notes
Plastic Bag Of Blank CD’s
(Edit: Computer Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard.)

And that’s just the stuff I have piled around my monitor. :spin: :eek: :o

WAY too much to count. Maybe I should take a picture instead?

A monitor,
2 speakers,
digital camera,
spray duster,
sticky notes,
36 CDs (yes, I counted all of them ),
3 guitar picks,
a notebook
and some dust.

My computer monitor
A stapler
A dictionary
A pen
Two Pencils
A scrap peice of paper
A digital camera
A styrofoam plate (I had sandwiches yesterday)

  1. Dell 19’’ monitor (not widescreen!)
  2. Logitech quickcam 9000
  3. Nikon D70-s (SLR) (Camera)
  4. Sandisk Sansa e-200 2gb mp3 player (with Rockbox firmware)
  5. 2 harmon/kardon speakers, with subwoofer (nice, but not amazing)
  6. Broken pair of Teac headphones.
  7. Maxtor 500gb external hdd.
  8. Nikon 55-200mm lens.
  9. Gorilla glue
  10. Dock for e-200
  11. Electrical tape (white)
  12. Scotch tape (clear)
  13. MicroSd to SD adapter
  14. Phillips screwdriver
  15. Math-U-See DVD
  16. ‘Hymns Triumphant’ cd
  17. ‘Summer of Light’ book
  18. ‘Mr. God this is Anna’ book
  19. Tripod head adapter
  20. 4 AAA batteries
  21. 2 pens
  22. A few scraps of paper
  23. Mouse (computer mouse)
  24. Keyboard
  25. A few shekels (15 and 1/2)

    Dell 4600 computer
    In the drive:
    Rosetta stone Hebrew lvl 1

Photo included.


Hmm… let’s see…
2 monitors
3 speakers
a cup with pens
a drawing that I did a very long time a go
a basket with pencil, eraser and sharpener
The computer
mouse pad
wireless mouse and keyboard receiver thing
radio microphone
an audio mixer
my brother’s Bible
a cellphone
a story my niece wrote
Usually I have Introducing Character Animation with Blender, but it’s in my bedroom
and usually The Essential Blender, but my cousin has it (hint: look up, way up, in this thread):wink:

A laptop computer, a lamp without a lightbulb, two pencils, a pen, a tube of glow-sticks, my drawing tablet, the pen that goes with my tablet, the mouse that goes with the tablet, eight rubber spiders, a small pumpkin, a CD case with some games inside, a coffee mug, a spoon, a butter knife, a bottle of water, two notebooks, and a stack of papers.

Receipts from various stuff, A check, Pins, Thread, A couple hundred bottle rockets, Two Routers, Two, 17" Monitors, A speaker, A Mouse, A glass of water, A Lamp with a base that holds stuff which is full of crap, Some change, Keyboard, An empty mug, My computer, A beanie, Digital camera, :smiley:


Appears this desk is clean of any evidence. NEXT!

I think I have you all beat:

My new Acer 22” monitor
an old HP keyboard
an old Microsoft (ughh) optical mouse
an old set of Cyber Acoustics computer speakers
a black organizer full of trumpet music, notebooks, and empty folders
random school notes, returned tests, and other finished assignments
my other wallet that’s empty
a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 joystick
a white alarm clock
a glasses cleaning cloth
a bottle of glasses cleaning spray
a cup with a bunch of re-chargeable batteries
a several battery chargers
an old Wacom Art Pad II tablet
an invitation to someone’s birthday party.
A cleenex
a set of drawing pencils and an eraser and a pencil sharpener
a really old logitech webcam that doesn’t work with Ubuntu.
A comb
some empty airsoft bb bottles
an airsoft bb trap
a remote-control for a helicopter
4 really old hard drives
2 calculators
2 lamps
an iRiver e100 USB cable
a bottle of silly string
3 pencil cans
a pencil case
several candy wrappers
vocabulary cards for my writing class
many Linux distribution cds
an exacto knife
a shiny silver ball in a cardboard box
a standard power strip
a million cables it seems
several music cds
an airsoft bb container full of tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, electrical tape,
and who knows what else.
A '68 Cougar Hot Wheels car
a spool of empty DVD’s
a lot of trumpet books including the Arban book
a tuba book
a hymnal
more tools not in the airsoft bb container
a jar of random stuff
at least 3 or 4 notepads
a New Testament
a Thesaurus
a Bible
a Bugle
a pair of drumsticks
a bendable tripod
a throwing knife
a big stack a magazines: mainly World, hunting magazines, aviation magazines, and
Popular Mechanics
a rag
a red bouncy ball
an instrument tuner
a VeggieTales Silly song DVD
a keychain of old keys
a deck of cards
Digital Lighting and Rendering by Jeremy Birn

That’s most of it. Wanna know what’s under my desk?:spin:

GOODNESS! Should we declare your desk a Superfund site?:smiley:

Ice cream! and… NOM Nom nom nom.

Digital alarm clock
Unopened “Nivea for Men” from my GF
Jar of Blackstrap Molasses
Brut33 Aftershave
Receipt for the laptop I’m currently using
Floppy disks (no clue what’s on them)
Fluffy sheep squeaky keyring
Hydrogen Peroxide (I use this to fight colds etc)
Subwoofer & speaker set (not plugged in)
Big box of letters from my GF
Bank statement
Leaflets for a course I’m involved in running
Business cards (scattered)
Neck ID card for where I learned 3D (Media Design School - Auckland, New Zealand)
Pens (ballpoint & permanent markers)
EFTPOS reciepts
Wooded base I had made to sit computer in.
IntelliStation (computer 4Gb RAM + CPU: 2.20 GHz XEON duo (two of them - totaling 8.8GHz CPU - I think this is right), was used in Lord of the Rings ) with keyboard, mouse & more speakers, LCD screen & dialup modem.
My wallet (hey - that’s where it is!!!)
Paper designs for cat I’ve been modeling
USB stick
Hair comb
Junk mail
Music DVDs
Dust aplenty

A few books, a big sketchpad, my cell, my USB drive, my backpack, a screwdriver, a cheapo office phone, a bottle of water, monitor, speakers, keyboard and wacom. This list is “short” only because the backpack is like a personal black hole.

So if you fell in the backpack, you might never come out…Hmmm…

Here goes:

  1. Technics speakers plugged into a radio/tape player I never use.
  2. Logitech speakers plugged into my computer
  3. 4 ducks and a three legged bunny (all stuffed)
  4. Tiny bathtub of duck mints.
  5. Koosh thingy
  6. picture of me and my family.
    7 Snowman picture holder with no pictures (site on my desk all year anyway)
  7. name plate I got from an old job.
  8. AMD desktop
  9. 22" LG Monitor
  10. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
  11. Sketch book.
    13 stuff from a-kon convention
    14 bills
  12. Canon S5 IS digital camera
  13. Logitech cordless mouse
    17 Rosewill keyboard
  14. an assortment of old business cards
  15. checkbook
    20 cell phone
    21 4 music CD’s (2 Police,1 Paul, and 1 Rain Tree Crow)
  16. blank recordable CDs
  17. blank recordable DVDs
  18. compact flash card that doesn’t fit my camera.
    25 Epson printer
    26 flashlight that doesn’t work
  19. assortment of game and program CDs
  20. The Stephen Davisson Award of Achievement (yes, I actually got an award named after me. I was the first, and probably the last to receive this award)
  21. Escher post card
    30 Escher mouse pad.

I won’t go into the tings that are IN my desk…

a phone, my cell phone, speakers, some order form for poinsettias(WTF!??) and an empty soda can

Lancer: If your speakers+sub are not plugged in, can I have your sub? JK

19" Viewsonic LCD

Cyber Acoustics CA-3094 2.1 Speaker System

Sheet of blank paper

Napkin with drawings on it

Windows Media Center Remote Signal Reciever

Two Mousepads (I’m a lefty and my mom and sister are righty’s)

Pages of random stuff printed off the internet

A cordless home phone (half-broken)



Case of 15 RW-DVD’s

CD holder



Pencil/Notepad organizer thingy

Another notepad

Paper 5-sided glittery star

lndividual large post-it like note

I think that’s it.