What's That Coming Over the Hill? | Focused Critique

Hi Everyone,

So, I’ve got this monster to the point to where it needs some serious critiquing. So, feel free to rip me a new one. Here he is:

The idea came into my head after hearing a radio advertisement on a local radio station for Coast to Coast AM. In the ad, they use the song Monster by the Automatics. Every time I heard it, I pictured a red background with with this weird cartoonish monster tromping up over the hill. I think my render got pretty close to what I saw in my head. It might be worth noting that I had also recently watched the Secret of Kells right before starting this project, which influenced the look some, I’m sure.

Anyway, I highly suggest listening to the tune while critiquing the pic. You can hear it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9iJNp3wZcI

Fire away.

**Also, I don’t know what it is about BA.org, but it seems to down-sample all my images for whatever reason. If you want a higher res, sharper image to critique, let me know. Maybe I can share it through my Public folder in Dropbox or something.

The stars do not fit in with the scene. Other than that i dont see anything bad

Hey thanks for the crit dfwlucas! Let me re-render without the stars and post it up. Brb…

Without the stars:

You’re right, I think that looks better! Alright, anyone else got any crits that can help me improve this image?

Well, I think it’s far beyond what I could manage, so whatever I say will be hypocritical. BUT…
I would think about toning down the colours in the foreground, because it looks almost pearlescent, and it detracts from the main part of the picture. Also, try rendering at a higher quality so that the edges are more crisp. That will compliment the 2d feel of the image.
To be perfectly honest though, I love this! (Yes I did play the music in the background!)
Hope this helps,

hey thanks for the crit EvilGenius! i tried toning down the foreground colors (using a dodge mix node there) but i wasn’t feeling it. :frowning: i think they contrast nice with the red / yellow sky. :slight_smile: anyway, here’s a higher res version on PasteAll! thanks.