Whats the alternative to hit spacebar (and type your command) in 2.8

whats the alternative key combo to hit spacebar (and type your command) in 2.8

Hi, it is F3 now, code commit was yesterday so it is in the build from today.

Cheers, mib

Or you activate the Dynamic Context Menu.
This way you can get to “Search” and other tools faster.

ehm… the what ?

Hi, it is a new way to make a individual menu > Blender 2.8 User Interface/Usability

Cheers, mib

Space bar to search command was one of the best things about Blender’s interface. Let’s keep it. Maybe we can have a search bar at the top of the context menu.


I mean this Plugin.

Activate it, press the space bar and then you have a nice menu including search bar.

you can also hit tilde (above tab)

Is now F3.