whats the best option for freehand drawing in 2.62 ?

can anyone tell me if there is a good tool for freehand drawing, that can be converted to a mesh, to use along with mesh addons ? will retopo tool work ? i could not find it, is there a retopo tool in 2.62 & how do i access it . thanks for any help at all, i know im always asking. bs.

Thanks shibazz, is retopo the only method? i tried to use grease pencil , but found out its clearly for notations and not artwork,would not join to mesh, every other program ive seen has unrestricted drawing tools, even if some are like using an etch a sketch. thanks

i enabaled it in addons, it had a little sign icon ! next to it , any idea what this means, seems like some kind of warning. any way im going to give it a try. thanks alot Sanctuary.

there is a Bsurface in 2.62

but is it working ok ?