What's the best Sony camera for $400?

Hey everyone, what is the best camera that shoots video, pictures, and is good quality? I’ve got two Sony vouchers that only apply to the Melbourne Sony store in Australia. Which is the one to get? I’ve looked on the website, but I’m not sure. Please help me! :open_mouth:
(P:S People who have Sony cameras/camcorders come forward!)

Too bad you can only get Sony.

I’ve got the Sony NEX 5 with the 18-55mm lens. For it’s small size it is an amazing camera. Great picture quality and good HD movies. I’m very happy with it. It may be just out of your budget though.

Thanks guys, It is a shame you can’t buy a Sony product from a reseller like JB HiFi using them. Maybe I’ll stick with my other camera. But you never know. Some sort of deal might come up. The vouchers are valid for a while anyway. I’ll see… BUT I do think Sony is a bit pricey with all the stuff though.

What if other companies are cheaper and better than Sony? There must be a reason, they are offering vouchers.

just my 2ct

@Ulf B. Other companies are probably cheaper though.

For 400 Bucks I´d rather look into a used digial SLRs.

Our filmstudio has 2 Canon EOS5 MarkII for doing stereo3d 1080p filming on a selfmade rig synched with a wired remote. Clients often look odd when they see a filmteam filming with a digital camera, but the have 1" chips and a kickass image. The argument that usually gets them is that “House m.d.” season 6 was filmed with one of those.

A good video camera costs 1500bucks up and should have 3 chips for each color one… below it doesn´t really matter, they are all just hobby handycams. You can buy one for 50 bucks or 400 the difference will not be tooo great but it´ll be there, mostly in the optics.
Same for SLRs usually the bodys are “dirtcheap” but the lenses cost a fortune if you start to get into it.

If you buy a used SLR though, you can do both. Film in 1080p (check if supported but many can do so) and you can shoot nice textures or lightprobes and use it for photography if it is one of your hobbies.

If it has to be Sony, my brother got a Sony Alpha 230 (IIRC) and they are quite good, actually asonishingly good if you´re an armateur. For instance the Sony Alpha NEX-5 can record 1080p in AVCHD and the body costs 320 Euro, 460 Euro with lens brand new.

If 720p is enough, we start at around 250 Euro with brand new SLRs.

I think the Canon S30 is below $400. that would be my choice. The Canon G2 is dropping near $600 too, so if you want something that would be a step above, get that one (the G3 is coming out so the g2 prices are dropping
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