whats the best way of deforming a mesh

hi all,
ive been going through a glitch and i cant find a way out of it…i created a character with a coat however when i use the automatic weight deforming and then i go back and fix some incorrect weights i cant fix when i pose the character to run the legs go through the coat mesh and it looks pretty shitty,i tried to add some polygons in the joints like knees and others but i cant fix this bug,any good suggestion for that?
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I don’t know how is your mesh but adding some extra bones to control the clothes can be helpful.
You can use the cloth simulator too, but this may be harder.

i tried adding a few bones to the coat but it remains d same thing,i think the clothFX solution is what im looking for ,can u very briefly explain me a sort of step by step mini tutorial? btw does the clothfx work in the game engine?
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PS: if u want i can send u the mesh then u modify it to me and tell me what u’v done if prefer

I don’t know the cloth simulator enough to make a tuto.
I guess if I had to animate a character with a big coat, especially for the BGE, I would use some extra bones. I think these extra bones need to be a kind of chain parented to the hip bone.

Hi Sliv,
yeah im currently using bones deformation for the coat but it doesnt look natural at all and im really willing to find a great tutorial of how to use cloth simulation for GE ,which will look something like this :

if u find anything about it plz lemme know dude i really need it in order to keep going with my personal project so hopefully for the next 6 months ill come up with a wip for the forum!
Thanks for the input bro i really appreciate it!
All the best,
PS: btw today or maybe tomorow ill post the result of the deformation with bones at utube

Your tuto looks good, but I presume using blender 2.49 is a problem.
There is a tuto on blender cookie about cloth simulator on blender 2.5 that looks cool but cloth simulator in blender is not realy something I master.

Hi Sliv,
me neigther and i actually know nothing bout simulations and dynamics yet,i hope to soon study all these simulations in depth…and thanks for the reference btw ,ill go check it and see if i can adapt that to the blender GE…
thanks again :smiley:
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