What's the best way to ad jumping to a game.

I’ve seen and tried many methods of jumping in blender games, using force, dloc, timers and linv and servos and still I am not sure what the best way to get a character to jump is.

So, for those interested, how do you get a natural feeling jump in your games?

For most of the games that are “not so easy to make at all but finally not so hard” (platformers, action adventure), I think that the method used in my template is not bad.

- Linear Velocity
Jumpkey using Tap option, linv + Limit Z button pressed : see 2nd screenshot here )

- States
When jump button is pressed, Add jump state (that contains the jump actuator or script) and Sub jump state as soon as activated.

States are good to add Jump actions (double jump, etc) or lot of other things.
Except that, you don’t need States.