What's the best way to model ruins?

How to model good looking ruins/destroyed buildings? I’ve failed to find such tutorials, so I’ve given a try Fracture modifier and here what I’ve got:
Everythink is so flat and looks bad
I’ve rendered it in EEVEE
How to improve it?

better textures and lighting

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Thanks for video!
As for lightning, it has to be dark cloudy weather, so there’s no much shadows or light effects

Oh, no… :wink: there still is depth - think cinematic lighting - emphasize shadows VS light, stylize a bit.

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the walls look too thin like card boards not walls
the edges of every thing look too sharp, that is not natural. use bevel more
scatter smaller rocks everywhere
the walls are flat and in good condition they need to have shallow holes and warn out areas specially the edges , bump map maybe
that all i can think off

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I just asked the same question to myself today :slight_smile:

I got this:

And i want that:

my first try will be to give an eye at the fracture modifier :slight_smile:

I’ll post results on my topic :slight_smile: and some links here if i obtain satisfying results :slight_smile:

good luck and happy blending !

Once you get the fractured pieces where you are happy with them you can then detail the closer ones that need more detail and detail less and less as they get beyond the focal point depth of field/vanishing point. As right now there is a lot of hard 90deg angles. Now if this is going to be for a game where you will be moving through the ruins then that will require the ability to hide/show detailed surfaces as the player gets closer and further away. You could also go as far as duplicating the fractured pieces and then make a high detail modeling/sculpting of the pieces then bake them to the low poly versions you duplicated to keep the poly counts down.