What's the Best way to Print my Artwork?

Does anyone know the best printing/photo printing company that will give me a good quality print of my work?

I would really appreciate it if someone payed attention to this; I need it to apply for the School of Creative and Performing Arts

More specific please. What size/weight media do you need? What color space, file format, all that jazz? Does the school specify minimum standards for portfolio prints? How much can you spend? :slight_smile:

What I’m planning to do (someday when I decide to take the time) is render my stuff high enough and A.) take it to Walgreens on a flash stick and get prints or B.) upload it to Deviant Art (or this other site I forget name of but it keeps the photos “private” then) and get large glossies for ~$5. Figured it would spruce up my office nicely =P

Doesn’t your school have high quality printers then? Every university and art school (at least in my country) has hardware to get high-quality plots for a decent price.
We also need to know the wanted size of the plot and deadline of your project ofc :wink:

That’s a good point. I have ties (and live 10 blocks) from the local university, I’m going to have to check into this too. Thank you.

Heck… office-supply stores might have pretty darned good printers. The resources are definitely out there, if you look for them.

iprintfromhome.com Firstly, order the calibration kit and calibrate your monitor, then get your prints. I did a test of varying resolutions from 150-300 DPI and they all looked great, plus the color was spot-on after calibrating. Trust me, I’m picky about my color.

Sorry to be a nub, but which calibration kit are you referring to? I looked about but only found the REOS, is this something different? As I’ve always had two monitors with two results, I’ve always been curious how to really “know” what is going out, this might be the thing.


Thanks jay.

cheap canon printer 300 or 600 better dpi and print to glossy, also set up setting for printer as best possible paper. The quality of “home” printers is awesome these days.

Or get posters 70cm * 100 cm maybe printed somewhere, but the “home prints” dont have (cmyk pattern)
as the poster would i would say

(jay) what do you use for calibration ?

The kit in the link above^ They send a pic on about 5 different paper samples, you then download the same pic and adjust your monitor accordingly. It’s not super high tech, but like I said, the colors are spot-on and the prints are consistent. They are actually photo prints, but I think they may be doing inkjets as well, plus giclee prints, etc.

Most Stapes stores have a copy and print section. I have gotten fairly consistent results from them with a 24" Epson printer that most of them use for large format work. I also use it for my smaller stuff because I like the look (and to keep it consistent with the larger stuff). At first I was printing glossy and then I started printing on a mat paper. I liked that better. Kinko’s also has large format in some of their stores as well.

I have gotten good results bringing them 300 ppi files scaled exactly to the print dimensions (usually tiff). Just have them load them up and print them.

The best bet is to go there and have them print you samples. If you like, great if not try another shop. I like this approach because it really varies from shop to shop and I like to see what I am getting. Internet services are cool but I have never used them. If you find a good shop stick with them. You’ll see it vary all over the place as far as colors go.

hi, there are a lot of ways like you may print your art work at art blogs sites.these are the best sites ever for printing the art work where you can learn a lot of things by the experts.
further more you may physicaly print the art work.it cost is depend upon the DPI,how much DPI you will take the print minimum DPI print charges are 30$,one thing more it is depend upon the color scheme also.how many complex color scheme involved in it.