What's the best way to scale UV's in this situation?

Hi All,
I have a floor texture map that is 1m x1m and my floor model is 6m wide x 4m deep.
I’m also using a displacement map too.
So my question is, should I increase the scale in the mapping node to 6 ( as the floor is 6m wide) or should I manually scale the UV islands in the UV window by 6?
Which is the best practice when using displacement maps?

Use object coordinates (with scale applied of course), that will give you a real world scale to work with. Then you can overlay/difference a UV based texture and scale it to match object coords. I typically use object coords only, using UV only on very rare occasions. But that’s how I’d think about it.

Sorry I’m a bit confused, when you say object coordinates do you mean through the mapping node?
Would it be possible to show me an example?
mapping nodes


assuming that your right uv’s points, after the rectangle has been placed at 0, are positioned at 0.4 unit.
you can also scale the UVs by 2.5 to reach the right side then scale by 6.

Texture coordonates are exposed from zero to one. so 0.4*2.5 result in 1

Brilliant, Thank you I’ll it a go.


Initially I just project UV from top view, move it to a corner I can observe, and scale the UV about that corner. Texture coordinate nodes are collapsed for space and readability, but you can see the slot used.

That’s assuming I need to use UVs. Normally I don’t, as floors tend to be flat planes in my real projects and I don’t need UVs for export purposes.

Will you return for another question? Or helping us marking it solved?

Sorry first chance this week to respond.
what I’ve from this is scaling the UV Islands helps create the disired result.
Although I am intrigued by CarlG’s approach which I’ll also experiment with.
Something else I discovered is that substance plugin and the Xolotl plugin inport SBSAR files slighty differently. I use a lot of SBSAR file in my work ( I prefer Xolotl over substance’s own plugin)
Also one parquet SBSAR I was using, simply wasn’t producing height maps correctly, which only added to the confusion.

Thanks to all that have helped with this issue, I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge.

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Thanks to be partfull of the knowledge chain.