Whats the best way to simulate/animate mesh/cartoon hair in 2.9?

I plan on doing full-blown anime style animations and do to this I need something flexible, for flying, running, falling, underwater, space, etc, scenes, but I have to have full control. I’m thinking about using cloth physics to do this, but I’m not really sure nor how to go about it. Also, it has to be able to collide with the character and other stuff.

If it helps I’m using 2.9 and the eevee engine.

You could take the armature for your character, and add a series of bones parented to the head bone, positioned to match your hair object, then parent the hair object to the armature with automatic weights. You might need to remove a few vertex groups from the hair object afterward if you don’t want those bones affecting the hair position, but afterward, you should be able to make the hair follow the position of the hair bones.

K, I’ll start messing around when I get a chance.