what's the correct formating?

Hi All,
a silly scripting noob question here…
what’s wrong with the formating here – I’m afraid I just didn’t get what enum mean in this context?

 bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath=objPath, <b>split_mode=OFF</b>, use_groups_as_vgroups=True, global_clamp_size=1 )

It’s clearly the split mode thing, if I keep it out my script works.
My goal is a custom importer which retains existing polygroups/transfers them to Blender vertex-groups).
The Blender Python reference says:

  • split_mode (enum in [‘ON’, ‘OFF’], (optional)) – Split
  • ON Split, Split geometry, omits unused verts.
  • OFF Keep Vert Order, Keep vertex order from file.



enum entries are indexed by string keys, so use split_mode=‘OFF’

Thanks CoDEmanX,
that worked! Oddly that’s how I understood it as well but when I first tried it out I got an UTF 8 syntax error.
Now copied and pasted from your post and Blender kept quiet. Nice.