What's the creature in the Blender 2.5 splash logo?

I guesses an odd version of Kangaroo first, though I doubt that’s correct.
Eitherway, I tend to think of it as one of the various oddities of Australia that can’t be found anywhere else.
Edit: Wait, where was it mentioned, that the thing on that image lives in India? I didn’t see any hint like that…
I personally didn’t expect a Chameleon to be unfamiliar, but there indeed is no reason to “loose all faith in humanity” because of something as mundane as that.

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By the way, Chameleons aren’t THAT far spread. They mainly live in warmer areas.
In fact, they mainly can be found in Africa and small parts of SouthEurope and -Asia

Variations of Samalanders have a wider-spread habitat

I guess, they are overally more well-known than Chameleons…

I finally went to the link and its just a coyote with serious dermatological problems.
Not fair!

He’s not a wildlife photographer. It’s just another image from the internet.

He mentioned that it was an animal that not everyone would know, because of the places that they live. IMPLYING that the animal is only present in his country (according the info, is India).

And really, that’s not fair, a coyote with a bad skin disease. Normal coyotes don’t look like that! Like, they are ugly, yeah, but they don’t look like the worlds ugliest dog http://www.maniacworld.com/sam-worlds-ugliest-dog.jpg

But definately not a dingo :wink:

I find them quite the opposite.

No your still wrong. :slight_smile: actually the zoologist who discovered it thought the same. This creature is called chupakabra, its a fearless and maybe a little ugly relative of dog. There were enough hoax about this creature (was thought as a monster) but it has recently been discovered. Also, its not found india (although u never know).
Edit: as far as i can remember from documentary its found in texas and also no living chupakabra has been captured because its very intelligent and only comes out in dark.

Wikipedia knows everything.

In July 2010, an animal was killed and reported to be a chupacabra, but found to be a coyote with a severe parasite infection. In October of that year, University of Michigan scientists theorised that parasite-riddled coyotoes (specifically the parasites responsible for scabies and mange) were likely the basis for the chupacabra legend.

That should be obselete then. I saw it being disected (on nat geo) and doctors making all kind comparison with its head,skin,etc. I dont think i was watching a science fiction or was daydreaming. :smiley:

Must have been one of those great hindi dubbings :wink:
(or your regional language)

Salamanders are amphibians, not reptiles.

Here in our part of the US the only reptiles I’ve seen are garter snakes and turtles (there are other types of snakes that live here, but not in the city).

There’s a sizable population of garters around our house hiding in the bushes and ground cover we and others have planted over the years, I can tell this is probably true as our cat catches one or two that are alive about every year and I let them go free in the backyard.

As for the turtles, I don’t see them near as much, though I did once pick one up that was in the middle of the street and took him down the slope to the nearby lake.

In response to the original question:
I think that it just may be
My ex mother-in-law after a trip to the beauty parlor…


Wikipedia says there are some skinks and such, but I’ve never seen or heard of any. I’ve seen one or two salamanders in my lifetime. Snakes and turtles are plentiful.

lol i wud have thought that if i would have seen that on ibn 7 but its nat geo. Also a remember the zoologist making a comparison between a coyotes head and that of a chupakabra.

See! I live in Australia and we don’t have those. I don’t live in Canada. Thanks to the person who made you guys stop saying things. I’m not even a teen yet. So what do you expect?

My point of posting that image was exactly that. Its not a forum game where you feel i am not playing fair. This forum consist of member of varied age groups and belonging to different places, so we must show some understanding instead of making mockery of stuff and hurting someone. If you analyze this more deeply you will find that this kind of attitude leads to development of fear in a persons mind “what will people say if i ask that…?” which leaves him with unclarified doubts, hindering his development. So its our duty to show some mature behavior. :wink:

p.s. i know this isnt a public speech forum but i had to say all this to prevent any more flamewars/ hurting comments. Hope you guys understand. :slight_smile:

@mohd.itqan AHA! while i was reading this thread i was thinking chupakabra the whole time! And I live in Minnesota!

i hope its a chameleon

People forgot to show you why they are so famous!

There are lots of those where I used to live. Some people call them el chupacabra.

yeah exactly! I knew I wasnt dreaming. Thanks for posting, that should be enough to convey that I am not babling stupid things. :wink: