What's the difference between free textures and paid textures?

i’m kind new to blender and I have seen so many people using paid textures and other people uses free textures, what’s the difference between free textures and paid textures, and also what’s the pros and coins of using free and paid textures

Well, nothing besides the fact that one is free and the other is not.

What is more important is to understand the license.
Some textures might be free but perhaps only for non commetcial use. Or the might be free but you might have to credit the person who made it.
Or perhaps they are free but only for film but not games.
The same is true for paid textures. They might come with certain limitations like not being allowed in real time applications.

Some people make textures and give them away.

Some people make textures and make you pay for them.

Some people make REALLY GOOD textures and deserve to be paid for their hard work.

I suggest either subscribing to a site that has quality textures, and grants you unlimited access to their library, or learning how to use photoshop to alter images to suit your need.

Personally, i just take whatever scuffed scrap i find on google, and make it work through photoshop, but it took me a year to learn everythink i needed to do it properly.


The viewer’s eye is easily tricked.


Fantastic, didnt know you could get this good quality for free. Will start using this myself! :slight_smile:

Greg Zaal apparently changed the name to PolyHaven recently and put them all under one roof. Certainly you must have heard of HDRI Haven before…

They do ask that folks donate if possible. But free or not, some of the best stuff I’ve seen.

I have heard of HDRI haven, but did they have such a material collection as well?

I also found their HDRI’s too to be kinda meh, i actually nicked the HDRI’s of substance painter and used those :smiley: so i never really used HDRI haven either. If they had that material collection all along, then ive surely missed out

these poly textures are amazing i can’t believe they are doing these textures for free ,thanks for sharing

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check out https://www.cgbookcase.com/, they have amazing textures